Did Redfall Die The Worst Death in Gaming History?


Do you remember Redfall? It was that vampire game that was developed by Arkane Austin that was released three months ago. It also found itself entering the history books as being one of the worst-received games of all time, and within a few days, it had cemented its legacy as something truly, unforgettably awful.

And yet here it is being forgotten.

Since Redfall was released just 12 weeks ago, its developers have fallen silent, paid-for content hasn’t surfaced, and the player base and any viewership of the game has plummeted almost to single-digit numbers.

Did It Die The Worst Death?

On record, few games had such a terrible launch period as Redfall. It was an absolute nightmare, and Arkane Austin didn’t have a leg to stand on – even Phil Spencer was outspoken regarding his disappointment with the delivered product.

It was buggy beyond belief, barren, boasted weird AI, an underwhelming story, and clunky combat – there were almost no redeeming features for Redfall whatsoever.

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Now, it has seen the biggest plummet in performance that any game (assumedly) has ever seen. If we use Steam’s player count as a representative example, we can see that since early June, a mere month after the game was released, the peak player count never again went over 100 users. At the time of publishing, the average peak daily player count sits at around 35 users.

On streaming platforms, viewership is almost nothing. From the end of May, Redfall’s viewer count dropped to double digits, and as I write this article, there are just seven people on Earth tuning in to see Redfall’s gameplay.

In an article published by eXputer, it was pointed out that Arkane Austin promised Redfall would be its ‘most supported game ever.’ It was also stressed that content people have already paid for isn’t being delivered and there’s no indication that it ever will be.

It’s quite possible that Redfall died the most horrific death in the history of gaming. Can we ever expect a resurgence? It’s highly unlikely.

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