Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline: All Missions & Rewards

Side quests are one of the most fun things to do in Bethesda games, and in Starfield they have only got better. Some would argue they’re even more enjoyable than the main story, especially the Crimson Fleet questline which has you pirating across all of space as an undercover spy or a double agent.

In the Crimson Fleet questline, two factions, the UC SysDef space police, and the Crimson Fleet pirates are at war with each other. After activating the questline, you’ll be sent on various missions, and since freedom is a major beat in Starfield, it’ll be your choice whether you want to stop or join the Crimson Fleet raiders. If you’re confused about how to embark on this thrilling journey, following this guide will show you exactly where to go as well as list the sweet rewards that come included.

Starfield Crimson Fleet Questline

Starfield’s Crimson Fleet questline can be activated very early in the game. Right after you land on Jemison, visit the Constellation’s lodge and talk to Sarah Morgan. She’ll eventually take you to meet Captain Taula of the UC Vanguard and he’ll ask whether you want to join the military. Accept and he’ll assign you the “Deep Cover” mission which will be the first of eight missions in the Crimson Fleet questline. If you don’t want to go the UC Vanguard route, simply get arrested in Starfield – getting some Contraband will do the trick – and you’ll find yourself in the crosshairs of the silent war.

starfield Crimson fleet questline
Inside the Crimson Fleet base of operations, The Key

Below you’ll find the complete list of the eight Starfield Crimson Fleet missions along with what they have in store and what you get for your efforts.

  • Mission 1: Deep Cover – 250 XP, 4800 Credits

UC SysDef Commander Kibwe asks you to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet. Your first mission takes you to the Sol system where you make contact with an informant.

  • Mission 2: Rook Meets King – 250 XP, 5000 Credits

The Crimson Fleet’s second-in-command orders you to take care of a traitor as a part of her test. The traitor’s fate depends on what choice you make. The mission ends with you meeting the Fleet’s leader, Delgado.

  • Mission 3: Echoes of the Past – 350 XP, 20,000 Credits

A lead about the legendary treasure called Kryx’s Legacy prompts the Crimson Fleet to investigate the Lock, a UC prison, in hopes of tracking it down. An opportunity for betrayal surfaces, and you get one of the best weapons in Starfield as a reward.

  • Mission 4: Breaking the Bank – 350 XP

Another lead about the treasure sends you off to a luxury space cruiser to gather information. Using force isn’t an option, but digipicking is.

  • Mission 5: The Best There Is – 250 XP, 9600 Credits

The United Colonies navy ship has the Comspike, something which can help you track down the Kryx’s Legacy. You’ll have to infiltrate the ship and retrieve it at all costs.

  • Mission 6: Absolute Power – 350 XP, 12,400 Credits

You arrive on Neon to steal the Conduction Grid Module, the final item needed to track down the Kryx’s Legacy. Your choice in this mission will decide the fate of many important characters.

  • Mission 7: Eye of the Storm – 350 XP, 8400 Credits

You’ve finally found the Kryx’s Legacy. Retrieve the goods and choose who to give them to, the UC SysDef or the Crimson Fleet. Siding with one will result in an all-out brawl against the other.

  • Mission 8: Legacy’s End – 350 XP, 250,000 Credits

This is the final mission of the Crimson Fleet questline in Starfield. One faction will be annihilated by the end of it, and while you’ll be compensated handsomely regardless of who wins, choose wisely since the stakes have never been higher.

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The above brief might sound short, but believe me, the Crimson Fleet questline is one of the longest in Starfield. You’ll be making dozens of important choices throughout the missions. Even the rewards may or may not differ depending on the mission and your approach. It’s a must-play plot thread, and if you still haven’t had the chance to play it, I suggest jumping right in.