How to Get Unlimited Money in Starfield

Starfield Early Access Patch Unlimited Money

Starfield has only been released a week in early access and even less for the full game and players have wasted no time in picking it apart and finding many exploits and glitches to make the experience more enjoyable. Speedrunners have already beaten the game in under three hours, and it didn’t take long for players to flex their creativity by creating some excellent characters based on real people.

It is not surprising that an exploit in Starfield has already been found to grant players unlimited money, meaning that nothing is out of reach and the best of the best when it comes to weapons, spacesuits, and ships are accessible to everyone.

How To Get Unlimited Money In Starfield Using Exploits

This latest exploit was first discovered by YouTuber vNivara who uploaded a video showing off how to manipulate the game to get unlimited money, similar to a glitch found in Skyrim. The exploit works by allowing players to break into a shop’s secret stash, stealing all of the items, and then selling them back to the vendor which can be repeated over and over until you have the desired amount of riches. While this sounds very easy to pull off, it does require a level of skill as you will need to manipulate your character to glitch through the floor and be under the map in order to access the secret stash undetected.

In order to pull this glitch off you will need to do some preparation in order for your character to be able to pull off the required steps. You will need to obtain the Power Boostpack mod and make sure you are Rank 2 in the Boost Pack Training Skill. Once you have these requirements completed you will then have to pull off some parkour in New Atlantis in order to eventually fall under the map where you will be able to steal everything from the stash which can then be sold back.

After doing this, you can reset the vendor by traveling to another planet, resting, and then going back to New Atlantis where the stock will be replenished. There is a chance that this exploit could be patched by Bethesda soon so if you want to get ahead and acquire a large amount of wealth in Starfield, you should try this out sooner rather than later. Follow along to the video below to take advantage of the unlimited money glitch.