How to Get & Use Boost Pack in Starfield – Starfield Boost Pack Guide

boost pack starfield

The Starfield Boost Pack is another way of traversing rather than just sprinting and hoping your oxygen levels don’t run out.

However, it’s not made abundantly clear how to use it, even though you get one right at the start of the game.

Here, we’ll discuss how to use the Boost Pack in Starfield so you can get to making moves like Boba Fett rather than simply walking everywhere like your average space explorer.

How To Get Starfield Boost Pack

starfield boost pack

If you haven’t secured a Boost Pack in Starfield already, you will be able to pick them off various dead bodies of enemies that you defeat on your travels.

This is, however, random which could leave you without one for some time if luck isn’t on your side.

To guarantee your chances of getting a Boost Pack, you can simply progress the story until you get to New Atlantis.

Once here, and you speak to your new Constellation crew, you will be provided with a Constellation Pack which has boost capabilities attached.

How To Use Boost Pack in Starfield

Once you get your Boost Pack, get it equipped by selecting it from your inventory.

But, you won’t be able to use it quite yet. Instead, you’ll actually have to unlock a certain skill to do so.

This skill is called Boost Pack Training and is located within the Tech section of the tree. It has multiple tiers but you’ll only have to put one Skill Point into it.

After this, you’ll be ready to go for any Boost Pack escapades.

To use it, you just need to hit the jump button/key twice which should propel you upward. This is defaulted to Spacebar on PC and Y on a controller.

You don’t get much fuel though, especially on the basic Boost Packs, so don’t think that you’ll be able to fly forever, it is there simply to give you an extra bit of oomph.

how to use boost pack in starfield

You can also use the Boost Pack in evasive combat maneuvers, potentially getting you out of some sticky spots.

And there you have it, pretty simple stuff if you know how. If you want more Starfield help, check out our guides on how to change appearance or how to dock, hopefully eliminating any pitfalls.