Starfield is the latest game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by ZeniMax Media.

The game was released on September 6, 2023, on the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Bethesda Game Studios recently found itself in hot water again concerning Starfield. With the recent launch of the ‘Creations’ platform on Starfield came a slew of paid-for mods, with BSG stuffing some content behind paywalls locked down tight with ‘Starfield Creation Credits’ requirements blocking the way forward. One particularly troublesome mod was the Trackers Alliance mission called ‘The Vulture’, which was put behind a paywall costing 700 Creation Credits (around $7). It’s the second part of a line of missions, […]

If it’s up to Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard, Starfield will be getting annual expansions for the foreseeable future. In an interview with MrMattyPlays on YouTube, Howard talked about the future of Starfield and what he’d like to see for the game moving forward. Howard says that the current plan is to have a new story expansion each year. “How long that continues, hopefully a very long time, but we’re planning for the one after this, so there will be […]

Starfield seems to be intent on slipping as far down the charts as possible as time goes on. Last year, Starfield finally hit the market after years of development and hype from Bethesda Game Studios, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It was found by many to be a lacklustre title that felt rather barren, hampered by archaic issues that made it seem outdated and stale. Today, things still haven’t improved […]

One of the most significant announcements for Starfield fans, second only to the reveal of Shattered Space, was the shadow drop for the Starfield Creation Kit. It’s the tool necessary to create unique mods, like additional ship modules, quests, and creatures. It’ll enhance the gameplay and significantly improve Starfield’s longevity. But is the Starfield Creation Kit free? Can You Download the Starfield Creation Kit for Free? It’s relatively easy to confuse the Starfield Creation Club with the Creation Kit. The […]

As part of the major announcement for Starfield at the Xbox Games Showcase, not only did we get a glimpse at the upcoming expansion, Shattered Space, but Bethesda shadow-dropped a significant content update. In it, we received an expansion to the bounty hunters’ Trackers Alliance in Starfield, along with Creation Club and Creation Kit! For now, let’s focus on the former. Here’s how to join the Trackers Alliance! How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Starfield One of my most-requested […]

Starfield was released in September 2023 to a mixed reception. Following more than a decade of development, Starfield – which was poised to be one of the best games ever made – failed to hit the mark with many fans worldwide, but that hasn’t stopped Bethesda Game Studios from pouring updates into the ecosystem of this epic space-faring RPG. For months, fans have eagerly awaited news of the game’s first major expansion: Shattered Space. It has been on the cards […]

Regarding Starfield, most players find themselves in one of two camps. You either genuinely love the experience or despise it, calling it the downfall of Bethesda. No matter which category you fall into, we can all admit it’s nice to see a redemption arc, right? Bethesda has an opportunity to expand upon the game in all the right ways, and it begins with the introduction of mods and the game’s first expansion. With that in mind, will we see Starfield […]

While it received a rather lukewarm response due to a lack of direction and relatively tame design choices overall, Starfield continues to receive support from developer Bethesda Game Studios. In the latest release, the Starfield May Update, we’ll see numerous quality-of-life features, display setting tweaks, and improvements across the board. What Are the Biggest Features in the Starfield May Update? There are so many bug fixes, improvements, and new bits of content to explore in the Starfield May update that […]

For those of us who thoroughly enjoyed the world of Starfield, and for the many keeping a close eye on its progress, word about a massive upcoming update is always welcome. With the May update for Starfield, we will enjoy detailed surface maps, ship customization, difficulty options, and performance mode on Xbox. Here’s what you must know about the Starfield update release date! When is the May Update for Starfield Releasing? The next big update for Starfield launches May 15 […]

Starfield is finally getting land vehicles…at some point. As part of Bethesda’s overview video discussing the Starfield’s upcoming May update, lead creative producer Tim Lamb showed up to tease what the developers are working on for the future. “The team is working on our first land vehicle, so you can drive around on planets,” Lamb said while the video cuts to an extremely short clip of the vehicle in action. You can see it in action in the short clip […]

Bethesda has announced full details for the May update for Starfield, and it includes a vast number of updates and changes for players. Releasing on May 15, Starfield’s May update includes more detailed surface maps, various new gameplay difficulty options, and new ship customization additions, among other features. For Xbox Series X players, you’ll have more control over the graphics and performance of the game on the console. Starfield will now let players on the system prioritize between visuals and […]

In a recent interview with Kinda Funny, Todd Howard dished the latest updates on Starfield and Fallout, confirming a few things that players have been wanting to hear for a while. He talked at length about what’s next for Starfield, including mods on console, a big upcoming update, and Shattered Space, the first expansion for the space-faring RPG that was released in September 2023. Longer Than We Thought In the most recent episode of the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Todd Howard […]

In a recent report published by Newzoo, the state of play for the gaming industry was outlined, with the firm looking back at 2023 in broad strokes and then looking to the future and what’s coming next. One standout slide spoke about the top ten games from every core platform in terms of MAU (Monthly Average Users) through 2023, which by itself revealed some interesting tidbits. This data showed that Starfield was the only single-player game to appear in the […]

Starfield was released in September 2023 to a wild reception that saw it hit 10 million players in a relatively short time. Since then, it has seen a monumental drop-off as players run out of things to do, opting to sit back and wait for the game’s first expansion – Shattered Space – to be released. In their millions, players moved on to other titles, giving up on Starfield even with its ‘next-generation’ levels of replayability. Recently, while speaking at […]

Bethesda has released the latest Starfield update, and it’s a massive one with over 500 fixes. Update 1.10.31 includes eight new features for players as well as numerous updates to the game’s art, gameplay, graphics, and more. “Our latest update brings new ways to show off your modeling skills in space with the addition of new poses and expressions for you and your companions,” Bethesda said. “We excitedly await more showing off of your photography! “We also understand that digipicks […]

Since Starfield was released in September 2023, its player count has been steadily winding down. On platforms like Steam, Starfield is now on par (or has fallen below) with the likes of Fallout 4 and Skyrim. For the most part, fans of Bethesda’s space-faring RPG are waiting patiently for news of the game’s first major expansion, Shattered Space. Those who purchased the ‘higher editions’ of Starfield already have access to Shattered Space, which was named before Starfield was even released. […]

You’ll likely use the starter ship, The Frontier, in Starfield for quite some time. Buying a new ship is expensive, and most of us have a pittance to our name in the Settled Systems. But what about stealing ships in Starfield? If you want to live the pirate lifestyle and commandeer a ship without paying a dime, we’ve got you covered! How to Steal Starships in Starfield To steal ships in Starfield, you must first disable the ship in combat […]

Starfield clearly wants to live passively and explore the galaxy, uncovering the mysteries of the universe and cataloging flora and fauna on abandoned moons in the deep reaches of space. But some of us want to terrorize the Settled Systems as a space pirate. Or, act as an avenging angel dishing out justice to the ne’er-do-well of space. Here is where to find space battles in Starfield! How to Find Ships to Fight in Starfield Finding space battles in Starfield […]

It has now been more than five months since Starfield hit the market and rocketed up the charts in historic fashion. It became the biggest launch in the history of Bethesda Game Studios, pulling in ten million players in a matter of days and dominating headlines for weeks on end. Since then, the natural turning of time has led millions of those players away from the game to greener pastures as the single-player, space-faring epic dries up. On Steam, Starfield’s […]

You’ll stumble upon all manner of points of interest (POI) in Starfield, with plenty of procedural generation and handmade content in almost every star system. One such POI is the Autonomous Staryard, and despite its name, you can’t use it as a staryard. The interior, however, houses plenty of challenges to tackle, and here is where to find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield! How to Find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield To find the Autonomous Staryard in Starfield, travel to […]

Reputable insider and leaker NateTheHate has taken to Twitter to shoot down the rumors that Starfield will be coming to PlayStation 5. Earlier this week, a new report claimed that Starfield was on its way to the PlayStation 5. NateTheHate ‘confirmed’ that the news was accurate minutes after the report, stating, “this report is accurate”. However, things have seemingly changed, and now, NateTheHate’s latest tweet suggests that the information is not accurate. Taking to Twitter, Nate said, “I’ve rechecked the […]

Several new claims have suggested that Starfield, originally slated to be an Xbox exclusive could be coming to the PlayStation 5 soon. In a new report published by XboxEra, it’s said that Starfield will be coming to the PlayStation 5 following the ‘Shattered Space’ expansion release on Xbox, which is scheduled later this year. The report outlines that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves will also be coming to rival platforms soon, with the announcement that Hi-Fi Rush could release […]

Starfield’s biggest update ever is now available to everyone on all platforms, Bethesda has announced. This new update features “over 100 fixes and improvements” according to Bethesda. The updates include a fix for the game crashing when switching from Fullscreen to Windowed mode on PC, multiple graphics updates, fixes for missing terrain at outposts, quest updates, and more. “We’re grateful for all the feedback we’ve seen and received and will continue to monitor and track your issues and critiques,” Bethesda […]

Bethesda Game Studios has revealed that Starfield’s most sizeable update since it was released in September 2023 is set to hit Steam Beta on January 17. That’ll kick off a testing period, with the update being released globally two weeks later, once the beta testers have validated that there is nothing wrong with the update. It was claimed by Bethesda that ‘over 100 fixes and improvements’ are coming as part of the update to the game that is fast falling […]

It was revealed recently that Starfield had scooped an award for the Most Innovative Gameplay in the Steam Awards 2023. This award came mere months after the release of Bethesda Game Studios’ space-faring RPG epic, which dropped in September and promptly picked up more than ten million players in the space of a week. However, as time went on, the holes began to show and flaws were pushed to the surface, with many players coming away from Starfield with a […]

Starfield was released by Bethesda Game Studios on September 6, 2023. It was hailed as being a monumental, enormous open-world game with untold potential, and it was the first new IP from the firm in more than two decades. In interviews, it was revealed that the concept for Starfield was more than twenty years old, and it took this long to develop it because Bethesda Game Studios wanted to produce the perfect game. That wasn’t the result, unfortunately. Recently, Starfield’s […]

As we approach the end of 2023, Bethesda Game Studios has offered a mighty update and a look-ahead for one of the biggest games of the year – Starfield. In a blog post detailing the game’s performance and what’s to come, Bethesda has given the 13 million people who have played Starfield so far a glimpse of what’s arriving in the space-faring RPG epic in 2024. It’s quite a lot, and it’ll be following the cadence that Bethesda Game Studios […]

Recently, Bethesda Game Studios took to Reddit to discuss Starfield’s latest update (1.8.88), reeling off a few paragraphs about what’s coming and what the team is working on. It was stressed that the group maintaining Starfield is ‘hard at work on many of the issues’ being experienced by the community at large and that there are technical improvements on the horizon, as well as some quality-of-life fixes and new features being developed. There was talk of new city maps, ‘new […]

It has been almost three months since Starfield was released and became a twisted overnight phenomenon. It picked up mixed feedback but managed to sell over ten million copies in just a few days, becoming regarded as the biggest launch in Bethesda’s history. Over time, Starfield’s reputation has wavered as more and more players and publications realise that it was dramatically overhyped and didn’t deliver as well as everyone hoped it would. On Steam, the game’s player count has plummeted […]

Starfield was a long time in the making and the first single-player game from Bethesda Softworks since Fallout 4 in 2015. It looks like it will be a long time before we see The Elder Scrolls VI be released, so it is a good job that Starfield is a huge game that will keep you busy for a while. But, if you want to continue your Space exploration journey, or see what else Bethesda has to offer, here are five […]

In a recent financial update, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, revealed something about Starfield that we maybe could have worked out for ourselves – but getting confirmation of it from the top of the firm is still impressive. It was stated that Starfield generated so many Game Pass sign-ups when it launched that it became the highest single-day add of subscribers to the service ever. It has been operational for more than six years – and in that time, no other […]

The latest Starfield update from Bethesda has added the highly requested FOV slider to the game. The new Starfield Update, named 1.7.36 has also added the following changes: GENERAL PERFORMANCE AND STABILITY QUEST The latest updates comes following a huge update in late September that addressed issues including various performance problems for players. According to documents leaked as part of the major Xbox leak last month, Bethesda expected to make almost $1 Billion in revenue on Starfield during its lifetime. […]

Starfield is a space-faring epic from Bethesda Game Studios, planting players firmly in a futuristic environment and giving them a massive open universe to explore. It’s a game that promises hundreds of hours of entertainment, but it’s not the first open-world space game and it probably won’t be the last. With that in mind, here are five of the best games like Starfield, just in case you want an alternative. Games Like Starfield That You Can Play Now Starfield may […]

I was just as hyped as anyone else in the weeks before Starfield’s release. It was a tough position to be in, reporting on the leaks while trying everything possible to avoid spoilers, but I managed it. I was locked in from the minute it went live, and in the earliest days of the game’s lifecycle, I poured time, effort, and money into the game. That’s right – money. I enjoyed it so much that I went out a week […]

Starfield has been around for just over a month, and for the most part, the community is still enjoying it. There’s plenty to be done, from New Game + to building endless ships, and from going toe-to-toe with space pirates to wooing your companions. Alternatively, you could do what one Starfield player has done and scan every single planet possible in the game. That’s right – ‘DoomZero’ on Reddit shared the information that they’ve now scanned every single planet in […]

Getting started right in Starfield with an effective outpost on a planet is crucial – But what are some of the best planets to visit in Starfield to set up your outpost? In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the best 6 planets to visit. 6. Maheo II – Maheo System Maheo II has one of the widest varieties of biomes to explore and offers beginning travelers eight different resources. Maheo II is a beautiful planet and whilst it can […]

Bethesda has released a new update for Starfield. A small update, per the company, it addresses various performance issues surrounding characters, star stations, ships, and more. “We are continuing to work on a larger update that will add features and improvements that we noted in our last update notes,” Bethesda said. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support of Starfield and we look forward to a future with you on this journey.” You can see the full update […]

Boy, those words will kick up a storm – but let me explain. It was recently discovered that Starfield has officially crossed a threshold and is rated lower than Fallout 76 – Bethesda’s beleaguered MMORPG – on Steam. It has just dropped to an overall positivity rating of 71.37% – and Fallout 76 has, at the time of writing, a rating of 71.76%. There are around 1,100 positive reviews in it – that’s Fallout 76’s edge. It’s not exactly a […]

Bethesda knew it would have a hit on its hands with Starfield when the game finally launched, and its revenue projections for the game showed that. According to documents leaked as part of the major Xbox leak last week, Bethesda expected to make almost $1 Billion in revenue on Starfield alone. That estimate comes over a four-year span. In year one, the company projected $600 Million followed by $215 Million in year two. Years three and four see the numbers […]

The Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield is the most satisfying story arc to play if you’re a big fan of stealth. Every mission either involves you digipicking master locks to steal some legendary loot or pickpocketing your next victim. The entire Ryujin Industries faction is straight-up an evil conglomerate that will ask you to do their bidding, kind of like a lesser evil version of Arasaka from Cyberpunk. Most of the missions within the Ryujin Industries questline will play out […]

There’s your milestone – Starfield has racked up a count of ten million players just two weeks after launch, Bethesda has reported. It’s a monumental figure that’s a testament to the pulling power of Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest launch in history, and from the looks of things, there’s still a huge amount of life in the tank. Starfield has been a dominant force in social circles for months, with many players actively trying to decide whether or not they like […]

Building and docking a ship in Starfield are perhaps the most difficult things to do because of the messy user interface. It’s convoluted, weird, and strenuous to understand. Though if you still somehow manage to wrap your head around it, you’re faced with an even greater hurdle, picking the best ship weapons and parts in Starfield. With the right weapons and infrastructure, your little Starfield space cruiser can become a warship that rivals the likes of the dreadnoughts from Star […]

Side quests are one of the most fun things to do in Bethesda games, and in Starfield they have only got better. Some would argue they’re even more enjoyable than the main story, especially the Crimson Fleet questline which has you pirating across all of space as an undercover spy or a double agent. In the Crimson Fleet questline, two factions, the UC SysDef space police, and the Crimson Fleet pirates are at war with each other. After activating the […]

I’m playing Starfield very slowly – like, glacial. I’m picking off the achievements one by one and I’ve just snagged the ‘Starcrossed’ award that threw a hefty 20 G at my account. To do it, I had to fully and completely fall head over heels in love with a companion – and I picked Sarah Morgan of Constellation. But what I didn’t expect from Starfield before I set out on my journey of romance and courtship was a deeply emotional, […]

When Starfield launched earlier this month, two of the immediate complaints about the game were that it didn’t support Nvidia’s DLSS instead opting to use AMD’s FSR technology, and it didn’t include an FOV. Thankfully the community fixed those problems quickly, with multiple FOV slider mods for Starfield appearing within the first days of the game’s release. A DLSS mod was also created by PureDark, who went on to lock the DLSS 3.5 version behind a paywall, making over $40,000 […]

Struggling with performance issues in Starfield? This is how to fix PC performance issues in Starfield, including improving your FPS. Starfield is incredibly demanding and even the most high-end PCs are struggling to keep up with Bethesda’s latest game. Todd Howard, the game director for Starfield, has previously told the community to upgrade their hardware in order to get the game running better, but even gamers with an RTX 4090 have reported issues getting the level of performance they expect […]

Planets aren’t the only thing Bethesda added loads of in Starfield. Their latest space game offers endless ways to customize your character, beat the main story, and cruise around the open-world, and while this sounds cool and all, the mechanics often feel too daunting. Starfield’s weapon tier system is especially what will give you a hard time since it’s so complicated. The hundreds of weapons in Starfield seem to be categorized in terms of rarity and tier, but players even […]