Starfield is the latest game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by ZeniMax Media.

The game was released on September 6, 2023, on the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Getting started right in Starfield with an effective outpost on a planet is crucial – But what are some of the best planets to visit in Starfield to set up your outpost? In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the best 6 planets to visit. 6. Maheo II – Maheo System Maheo II has one of the widest varieties of biomes to explore and offers beginning travelers eight different resources. Maheo II is a beautiful planet and whilst it can […]

Bethesda has released a new update for Starfield. A small update, per the company, it addresses various performance issues surrounding characters, star stations, ships, and more. “We are continuing to work on a larger update that will add features and improvements that we noted in our last update notes,” Bethesda said. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and support of Starfield and we look forward to a future with you on this journey.” You can see the full update […]

Boy, those words will kick up a storm – but let me explain. It was recently discovered that Starfield has officially crossed a threshold and is rated lower than Fallout 76 – Bethesda’s beleaguered MMORPG – on Steam. It has just dropped to an overall positivity rating of 71.37% – and Fallout 76 has, at the time of writing, a rating of 71.76%. There are around 1,100 positive reviews in it – that’s Fallout 76’s edge. It’s not exactly a […]

Bethesda knew it would have a hit on its hands with Starfield when the game finally launched, and its revenue projections for the game showed that. According to documents leaked as part of the major Xbox leak last week, Bethesda expected to make almost $1 Billion in revenue on Starfield alone. That estimate comes over a four-year span. In year one, the company projected $600 Million followed by $215 Million in year two. Years three and four see the numbers […]

The Ryujin Industries questline in Starfield is the most satisfying story arc to play if you’re a big fan of stealth. Every mission either involves you digipicking master locks to steal some legendary loot or pickpocketing your next victim. The entire Ryujin Industries faction is straight-up an evil conglomerate that will ask you to do their bidding, kind of like a lesser evil version of Arasaka from Cyberpunk. Most of the missions within the Ryujin Industries questline will play out […]

There’s your milestone – Starfield has racked up a count of ten million players just two weeks after launch, Bethesda has reported. It’s a monumental figure that’s a testament to the pulling power of Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest launch in history, and from the looks of things, there’s still a huge amount of life in the tank. Starfield has been a dominant force in social circles for months, with many players actively trying to decide whether or not they like […]