Skull And Bones – How To Use Treasure Maps Guide

Treasure maps in Skull And Bones is just one of the vast elements in this game to immerse you into the pirate life. It not only adds adventure but allows you to utilize your critical thinking skills.

Most of the treasure maps in the game are fairly easy to decipher. Though, there are a few that might give you some trouble.

While it may seem a bit tedious, the rewards you uncover will make it worth your time. Below is a guide on How To Use Treasure Maps.

Finding Treasure Maps

There are many maps in this game for you to find and follow. However, to unlock treasure maps, there are roughly 4 ways to do so. Keep in mind that you will not find them on every enemy ship.

  • Contract treasure maps will be rewards from side quests
  • Receive contract treasure maps throughout the main storyline
  • Completing PvE and PvP events will get you common and legendary maps
  • Looting enemy ships by boarding the ship or destroying them will get you common and legendary maps

Reading The Maps

These maps will be stored either in your inventory or cargo hold. They will either look like a white rolled up map or an open weathered map.

When you click the treasure map, you can choose to either read it, track it, destroy it, or cancel out. When you click read it, it might have a short paragraph at the top giving any instructions needed. Below the text, it will show the island the treasure is located on.

Your first step will be to compare the island to the map of the island you’re on and figure out where you are. You can then head to where the map tells you to.

In the upper right corner, it will show you what to look for on the island that signifies the treasure is at that spot. Obviously, there will also be a red X on the spot you must travel to.

Finding The Treasure

Once you have completed whatever task needed to be done according to the treasure map, you can search for the area the treasure is located. Remember to reference the picture at the top right of the map to know what structure you’re looking for.

After you find that structure, the treasure should be buried fairly close. This will also be signified by a glowing orange light above it. Interact with the spot and you will begin digging up the treasure. Through the various items in these chests, it might even be possible to find apparel to upgrade and change your appearance.

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