Palworld Reaches 1.8 Million Concurrent Players on Steam

Palworld Assembly Line

Palworld has officially passed 1,864,000 concurrent players on Steam, surpassing Counter-Strike 2’s all-time peak of 1,818,000 players.

Palworld has broken multiple records within a very short time since it launched last week. The game managed to sell 1 million copies of the game within just 8 hours.

At that time, the concurrent player count on Steam had already reached well above 300 thousand.

The popularity even broke Palworld’s servers, prompting an emergency meeting with Epic Games to resolve the issue.


Palworld has practically broken the internet, with an intense new fandom. There has been a lot of praise for its edgy twists on the niche monster taming genre.

Unfortunately, the developers reportedly received death threats over Palworld’s similarities to Pokémon. Fans of the genre have shared many heated arguments online, comparing the two.

But some fans embraced the similarities, and even made their own extensive Pokémon mod. The mod features Ash and other familiar characters, including iconic Pokémon.

Naturally, Nintendo has already issued DMCA takedowns for that mod. But it remains to be seen if Nintendo will attempt to pursue any other actions against Palworld itself.

Today, one fan began working on new trading cards that resemble the Pokémon TCG.

Palworld’s enormous success might also be a testament to the growing unrest among Pokémon fans. They have been divided over recent installments in the flagship series.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet received criticism from some fans over its visuals and other fundamental issues. Also, the latest gen’s Epilogue is now complete.

Palworld is available on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass. Now that Palworld has passed 1.8 million concurrent players on Steam, it only trails behind PUBG’s 3 million record.

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