Palworld Already Has a Pokemon Mod

Palworld already has a Pokemon mod – Turning your playable character into Ash and Pals into Pokemon.

The new mod has briefly been shown off by Twitter user @ToastedShoes, who will have a full video up on his YouTube channel tomorrow. The 24-second video shows that the mod turns pretty much everything into Pokemon-themed, including your playable character and the Pals you face in the game.

“The first mod pack for Palworld is already out and it’s an overhaul converting everything into Pokemon. Everything from the playable character being Ash, from his friends Brock and Misty to even all the Pokemon that inhabit the world”, the video says.

The Pokemon mod even has its first boss fight, featuring Jesse from Team Rocket.

Palworld has faced criticism since its release due to its likeness to Pokemon, but despite this, the game has been a massive success. Earlier today, Palworld announced that the game has surpassed 5 million unit sales and the game has already become the 2nd highest-played paid Steam game ever, accumulating a player base peak of 1,291,967 players.

As for the mod itself, Nintendo has yet to respond to it with any copyright notices, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they did in the coming days.

Heck, even we are a little nervous about covering it!

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