Fortnite OG Return Possibly Getting Separate Mode

fortnite og

According to reliable leakers @HYPEX, @Egyptian_Leaker, and @SpushFNBR, Fortnite OG now has a playlist tag of its own, hinting at a separate mode.

User @Egyptian_Leaker revealed the tag, “Athena.Playlist.Rufus”, in a new post on Twitter. The name “Athena” refers to the original map, which has remained popular for years.

But even if Fortnite OG has its own playlist tag, it’s still unclear if the mode would be permanent or not. It could simply be yet another temporary celebration, as noted by @HYPEX.

Epic Games has already officially confirmed that Fortnite OG would make a return sometime in 2024, citing that “the OG season far exceeded our expectations”.

So, it would make sense for Epic Games to address the fans’ highly positive response.

Since Epic Games’ announcement, many players have hoped for a dedicated playlist. If Fortnite OG has a separate playlist of its own, it could become permanent.

And that would even allow Epic Games to tinker with the original map over time. Previous LTMs could make a return, too.

However, some fans are worried that a permanent Fortnite OG playlist could disrupt the other modes. It would definitely be popular enough to splinter the players.

Epic Games’ 2024 window means they could already be ramping up for the big release. This would make it easier to dig up playlist tags and other notable leaks, adding validity to today’s leak.

Another round of leaks appeared today that elaborate on Peter Griffin and Solid Snake joining the game. But last month, Xbox already revealed the characters by accident with their in-console marketing.

Fortnite remains more popular than ever, and the British Army recently wanted to use the game as a recruitment tool.

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