Fortnite Rocket Racing Editor Details Leaked

Regular Fortnite leaker @BeastFNCreative has posted a new leak on Twitter revealing some of the exclusive tools that players will have access to in the upcoming Rocket Racing Editor.

According to @BeastFNCreative, the new editor will feature basic mechanics to control player start positions, vehicle spawning, and checkpoints.

There will also be creative tools like speed pads, physics rate effects and an overall race manager.

Leakers and official sources still haven’t confirmed a release date for the Rocket Racing Editor.

However, it should be expected soon. Just last month, an official Fortnite blog confirmed a variety of new plans for early 2024.

They specifically mention “speed run leaderboards, further customization options, creator-made tracks, and Season 1”.

This supports @BeastFNCreative’s claim that the Unreal Editor for Fortnite tool will introduce the new Rocket Racing Editor sometime soon.

It also means the data for this tool is likely available for mining, now. Back in November 2023, other Fortnite leaks emerged showcasing custom cameras and tools in UEFN.

Leaker @BeastFNCreative also recently revealed new details on the upcoming Death Race mode.

They explained the core gameplay, where the goal is for players to add “deadly obstacles” on the track and make it “harder to complete”.

The Rocket Racing Editor sounds like a far more elaborate tool. It’s unclear what the broad “race manager” would do.

But adjusting physics and adding speed pads would be best for meticulous track construction, involving tempo and more. Physics in particular could result in some pretty fantastic creations.

Hopefully, the devs themselves will reveal a broader variety of tools sometime soon.

Meanwhile, Fortnite Festival is expected to feature over a hundred songs a year and offer legacy instrument support.

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