Custom Cameras and Controls for Fortnite’s Unreal Editor Leak Online

The highly versatile Unreal Editor for Fortnite tool may be adding custom cameras and controls very soon, according to new leaked footage online. A brief GIF featuring the introduction of top-down gameplay was just revealed in a new tweet from reliable Fortnite community contributor @ShiinaBR:

The UEFN tool has been an extraordinary addition to Fortnite. It allows far more flexibility than the built-in Creative toolset. But it isn’t especially friendly, and Fortnite is a free-to-play game that caters to all audiences. So, most of the fanbase can’t engage with this. However, experienced designers have provided some inventive and memorable creations.

Some fans might be annoyed with such a niche system getting more attention. But these new custom cameras are going to open up the floodgate for completely new genres. They have the potential to reinvigorate this aspect of Fortnite culture. It’s a chance to smoothly combine different playstyles, too, under one pliable sandbox.

This new level of freedom already has fans speculating about fan creations. There could easily be nods to a variety of 2D games, like Sonic or Super Smash Brothers. The second half of the clip showcases how the likes of Hotline Miami could be explored. However, retro side-scrolling and top-down action may not be the only opportunities.

New aspects of depth in Fortnite are certainly fascinating, but fresh controls would also be in their own league. Adjusting the core mechanics would drastically improve Fortnite’s possibilities, and even broaden the range of tone.

Fans will appreciate that Fortnite continues to evolve, bolstered by its social aspects and thriving community. For now, it remains unclear just how many features will be added, and fans haven’t been able to dig up a release window yet.

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