Rocket Racing Plans Announced, Season 1 Coming 2024

Rocket Racing Cars And Title

The Fortnite team has officially announced several upcoming plans for Rocket Racing in an official blog, revealing that Season 1 will roll out in “early 2024”.

The blog also announces that speed run leaderboards, further customization options, and creator-made tracks are expected to join the Season 1 launch. Rocket Racing is available and free to play today in Fortnite.

Today’s blog also focuses on breaking down the fundamental gameplay mechanics in Rocket Racing. It explains how to access Rocket Racing, get started with movement, and more.

Players can likely discover most of this for themselves as the game goes live, though it may be a convenient guide for some. It is also encouraging to hear about dedicated plans on day one.

Fans will appreciate the community involvement with creator-made tracks. It promotes fan engagement and creativity. It also has proper synergy with Fortnite, without relying on it too much.

Unfortunately, precise tools and release dates were not confirmed for the various updates announced today. References to “further customization options” are surprisingly vague as 2024 quickly approaches.

Ideally, Rocket Racing will also carry over some of the strengths from Rocket League. The developer Psyonix offered some fun customization there.

Rocket League’s aesthetic and tone naturally complement Fortnite. However, it’s also important for Rocket Racing to distinguish its own identity.

Rocket Racing partly borrows from some classic kart games. So, it would also be a treat if Season 1 elaborated on those familiar ideas more.

There are a few successful genre models to consider for Season 1 content. Ideally, the ebb and flow would avoid some of the flaws in competitors like Disney Speedstorm, a decent game that still has potential.

For more of the latest Rocket Racing news, you can read about the new trailer that dropped last night for The Game Awards.