Fortnite Rocket Racing Reveal Trailer Shown at The Game Awards Ahead of Launch

The Game Awards 2023 is here and it is the highlight of the year for many gamers as we get to look back at this fantastic year of games as well as get a first look at what to expect over the coming year with dozens of new trailers. One of these reveals was for the new Rocket Racing mode in Fortnite, one of three new modes coming to the game as Epic Games continues to build the brand into its own metaverse that is more than just the Battle Royale game it is known for.

During The Game Awards, a reveal trailer for Fortnite’s upcoming Rocket Racing mode was showcased, giving players a look at what to expect from the new racing mode ahead of its launch on December 8. The Fortnite Rocket Racing mode is developed by Rocket League developers Psyonix, which Epic Games acquired in 2019. The new Rocket Racing mode will feature plenty of crazy courses and items that players have come to expect from Fortnite. The mode seems to take a lot of inspiration from cart racers such as Mario Kart, with fun items such as sending items into other vehicles through rifts, as well as the high-octane racing that games such as Wipeout deliver.

Chapter 5 has transformed Fortnite since it launched on December 3 following the month-long throwback to Chapter 1. In addition to the overhaul in gameplay with additions such as weapon mods and new movement, the new LEGO Fortnite mode was released today, which is followed by Rocket Racing the following day, and the Rock Band-inspired Fortnite Festival on December 9.

You can check out the Fortnite Rocket Racing trailer ahead of its launch on December 8 below.

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