Hideo Kojima’s ‘Overdose’ Revealed at The Game Awards

hideo kojima

The latest game from the visionary creator, Hideo Kojima, has been revealed at The Game Awards. It’s ‘Overdose’ – stylised as ‘OD’ – a mysterious, next-generation horror game that represents itself as a ‘new medium’. Featuring an all-star cast (that includes Jordan Peele as a creative leader, it was revealed), OD makes use of incredible technology, namely Metahuman, to create as chilling an experience as possible.

Check out the new trailer below.

OD Finally Revealed

In an eerie trailer complete with unnerving faces, strange lines of dialogue, and a sound that can only be described as something like a Geiger counter, OD was revealed.

There’s not a lot to take away, but as this is a project from the legendary Hideo Kojima, it’s almost guaranteed to hit hard. It’s the creator’s first major project since Death Stranding was released in 2019.

In fact, while on stage at The Game Awards, Jordan Peele took the opportunity to stress this is ‘like nothing you have ever seen before’.

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  1. Kind of surprised he’s working with Peele I was expecting him and Junji Ito. Also when it comes to directors I thought he and delToro would want to make their game first or maybe revive delToro’s cancelled game Insane.

  2. Kojima said he had a bunch of people working with him on this so is Del Toro on this and Junji because he’s teased working with Junji and he said he and Del Toro would finally make a game.

  3. I’m surprised he showed this before more Death Stranding 2 so which comes out first and when?

  4. The door made me think Silent Hill what’s going on with the creators game Slitterhead we saw it years ago and no update.

  5. I wish David Lynch would make a game he wanted to years ago maybe he and Kojima or him and Remedy he could show them how to tell a story he and Mark Frost.

  6. I’m curious if Kojima ever wants to move out of his horror esque style and into something else like neo noir sci-fi or fantasy? He should reach out to legends Warren Spector and Chris Avellone to make something new.

  7. I love that Kojima is getting blank checks to make games. Would love to see him and the Lords Of Shadow team Mercury Steam make a big budget game again a big fantasy game. Lords Of Shadow was more its own thing than it was Castlevania so I think they could make a spiritual successor I always felt if Kojima stayed on with them they could have done something cool in the city setting like a vampire in an open world city. I wonder what he’ll do after these projects Death Stranding 2 and OD.

  8. Would love to see Kojima go back to making stories like Policenauts, Botkai, and Snatcher but with modern day gameplay.

  9. I remember Kojima years ago asked CliffyB to join his team but at the time Cliff was busy and seemingly leaving the industry but now that he’s trying to get back in and Kojima seemed open to working with him before why not make a project together? Cliff has some great ideas like that dragon game he pitched to Xbox looked great. Cliff seems to be blacklisted but everyone wants to get Kojima I assume if he partnered with Cliff then Cliff finally gets back in the industry.

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