Palworld Fan Is Designing Pokémon-Like Trading Cards

palworld trading cards

Palworld is continuing to take the gaming world by storm, soaring past five million sales within a week and pushing to the top of almost every chart in the business: streaming, sales, or otherwise. It’s a sensational title that has been compared to Pokémon in many ways, and on the surface, you’d be forgiven for misidentifying it as a title from Nintendo’s legendary monster-catching series.

Recently, fans have been pushing those copyright-infringing boundaries even further, designing a series of trading cards based on the ‘Pals’ that can be found around the map in Palworld – and subsequently put to work. At first blush, you’d think they’re Pokémon cards, and while it’s unlikely they’ll ever make it to market, it’s a testament to just how similar these games are.

A Dedicated Effort

On Reddit, one user started posting in the Palworld subreddit, claiming that they’re going to ‘design and draw’ one Palworld trading card every day for every Pal. It’s a valiant goal given that there are more than 100 Pals to capture and battle in Palworld.

This user, ‘TrevorWoodham’, has already drawn up designs for Foxparks, an adorable fire Pal, and Gumoss, a slightly dopey-looking grass-based Pal. They also drew up a bonus item card – a ‘Poor Quality Pelt’.

Following an overwhelmingly positive reaction to his Palworld trading cards, TrevorWoodham stressed how excited they are to flesh out the entire roster of Pals. At the moment, it’s unknown if and when more Pals will be added to the game, but given the depth of the title and the fanbase it has already generated, more characters will undoubtedly be very well received.

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