Nintendo Issues DMCA Takedowns Over Palworld Pokemon Mod

Nintendo has started to issue DMCA takedowns over the Palworld Pokemon Mod that began to surface online yesterday.

The Palworld Pokemon Mod was first shown off by Twitter user @ToastedShoes, who revealed 24 seconds of what the mod entails. It included turning your main character into Pokemon’s lead, Ash, as well as turning all of the Pals into Pokemon.

“The first mod pack for Palworld is already out and it’s an overhaul converting everything into Pokemon. Everything from the playable character being Ash, from his friends Brock and Misty to even all the Pokemon that inhabit the world”, ToastedShoes said in the original video.

The Twitter video has since been removed with the text, “This media has been disabled in response to a report by the copyright owner.”

ToastedShoes took to Twitter to say, “Nintendo has come for me, please leave me in your thoughts and prayers”.

Presumably, the full video of the Mod will no longer be uploaded to YouTube as promised, given that Nintendo is now actively removing content.

Palworld has become an overnight success that has seen the game surpass 5 million unit sales and the game has already become the 2nd highest-played paid Steam game ever, accumulating a player base peak of 1,582,482 players.

At the time of writing (11AM GMT on a Tuesday), the game currently stands at 1.4 million concurrent players, suggesting that the game could once again break its all-time player record.

Despite its success though, the game has received some criticism due to plagiarism accusations of Pokemon. Nintendo is yet to comment on whether or not it will be taking any legal action.

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