Palworld Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies, Tops Steam Charts

Palworld Monster With Chaingun

According to a new post on Twitter, the Pokémon-style indie Palworld managed to sell “over 1 million copies in about 8 hours” after launch.

Palworld is also dominating the Steam charts for most-played games. It’s currently among the top five titles with over 300 thousand concurrent players, and swiftly approaching 400 thousand.

In fact, the official Twitter account posted earlier today that servers are now unstable “due to the large amount of concurrent players”.

The surprise hit was announced as one of the new Xbox Game Pass titles earlier this week. It’s available now in Early Access on both Xbox and PC.

Palworld has taken its genre by storm, introducing innovative new features and characters.

The flagship Pokémon series has recently been divisive among fans. But Palworld proves there is still enormous interest in monster taming.

It may even influence the direction Pokémon takes in future titles, except perhaps its darker edge.

The Pokémon Scarlet and Violet epilogue also just wrapped up, so Pokémon fans may also be hungry for similar new content.

Palworld developer and publisher Pocketpair recently held an official FAQ on Discord, which was later reposted on Reddit.

In the FAQ, Pocketpair revealed there are currently no plans to bring Palworld to the PlayStation 5. Fortunately, they “will consider it during development”.

The devs are also planning to make cross-play available “as soon as possible”.

Despite Palworld’s many similarities to series like Pokémon, it didn’t support PvP at launch. But Pocketpair is “currently testing PvP internally and experimenting with different approaches”.

Selling 1 million copies in a single day is impressive, and definitely signals a massive full release. Adding more familiar features during Early Access will only further generate buzz.

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