New Xbox Game Pass Titles Announced

Palworld Monster With Chaingun

Xbox has officially announced several new titles coming to the Xbox Game Pass through January and early February. All of the upcoming titles, except F1 23, will also be playable via cloud gaming.

According to today’s new Xbox blog, the following titles will be added to the Xbox Game Pass:

  • Those Who Remain – Today, January 16th
  • Turnip Boy Robs a Bank – January 18th
  • F1 23 – January 18th
  • Palworld – January 19th
  • Go Mecha Ball -January 25th
  • Brotato – January 30th
  • Persona 3 Reload – February 2nd
  • Anuchard – February 6th

Xbox also announced that Hitman: World of Assassination will leave the Game Pass at the end of the month, on January 31st.

Today’s announcement mentions quite a few indie games. This may not necessarily have as much financial value for the service, but they are definitely worthwhile gems.

Brotato released just last year to overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. It’s been praised for its swift pace, variety of characters, and friendly gameplay loop.

More impressively, there are multiple day one Game Pass launches coming in the next couple of weeks. Turnip Boy Robs a Bank, Palworld, Go Mecha Ball and Persona 3 Reload will all be available day one.

This continues to be one of Xbox Game Pass’ strengths, compared to other subscription services.

Palworld has built a lot of hype with fans of the monster taming genre. Aside from creative creatures, its gameplay features feel inspired, with elements of survival and more.

It distinctly feels like an indie passion project, which Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fans should enjoy following the recent Epilogue.

But Persona 3 Reload is undoubtedly one of the bigger highlights, an anticipated reimagining of the classic RPG.

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  1. Microsoft should buy PocketPair this is what they need and it’s a Japanese studio that fits with their brand perfect.

  2. Xbox should buy this studio to add to their growth in Japan the PalWorld studio and sign Tomonobu Itagaki to join Xbox like he should have always been from the beginning the man is a legend and we could use his caliber of games in today’s world. He would sell in Japan and America just get him to save Dead Or Alive that could be Xbox’s fighter again with the creator at the helm.

  3. If Xbox is serious about Japan they need to pay Mistwalker to remake The Last Story and make Cry On and have Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon made

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