Wuthering Waves Rewrites 90% of Story, Devs Issue Apology

Wuthering Waves City Overhaul

During a new developer interview, Kuro Games has issued an apology to fans for content in the first Wuthering Waves closed beta. However, they also revealed plans for an overhaul.

Kuro Games stated they would like to “sincerely apologize for the negative experiences you may have had during the previous closed beta test”.

Furhter, Kuro Games announced that “90% of the story has been completely rewritten”. Naturally, this decision affected the scripts, performances, and “all of the cinematics”.

They also explained all of the major visual improvements teased in yesterday’s closed beta 2 trailer. There will be entirely new environments, a smart atmospheric system, character model upgrades, and more.

Wuthering Waves will be an open world action RPG, and the second closed beta is recruiting now.

The next closed beta will be available on PC and Android or iOS mobile devices. It will also support multiple languages, including English.

There will be “more than one new character” featured in the new closed beta.

Wuthering Waves built a lot of buzz ahead of its original closed beta. Kuro Games released a variety of promising teasers, featuring a flexible combat system and interesting lore.

However, there was ultimately a lot of fan backlash over the narrative and visuals that were featured in the previous test.

It is an incredibly bold move to completely redo such a large majority of the existing story.

The new environments also add a lot more color and personality. These features are especially important in open world games that aim for immersion.

It’s clear that Kuro Games is listening to fans. They made extensive, unexpected changes to Wuthering Waves and even issued an apology after fan feedback.

But if the next closed beta doesn’t fare any better than the first, Wuthering Waves will have a major uphill battle to win over skeptics.

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  1. Yea, Kuro games have a very long way to go, when it comes to their writing, I knew this would be a problem, after sticking with PGR for a year, I gave it up for a much better written Aether Gazer.. PGR is just so heartless, bland, and …meh

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