Elder Scrolls Online Has Passed 24 Million Players

elder scrolls online

Recently, the developers of Elder Scrolls Online published a 46-minute video celebrating the tenth anniversary of the game and showcasing what’s coming next, including an all-new expansion set in Tamriel’s ‘Gold Coast’ region. In the video, it was revealed that the gargantuan MMORPG has surpassed a whopping 24 million players since it debuted in 2014.

And Still Going Strong

Elder Scrolls Online is developed by ZeniMax Online Studios – and not Bethesda Game Studios, as some may think. It’s a hugely popular MMORPG with a staggering amount of meat on its bones, and since dropping in 2014, it has been constantly updated and expanded by the team. By today, dozens of DLC packs and expansions have been released, taking players across the entirety of Tamriel, the Elder Scrolls’ fictional realm.

In the almost hour-long video that was uploaded following the recent Xbox Developer Direct, it was revealed that 24 million players have found their way into Elder Scrolls Online over the years.

ESO has grown over the years to be 24 million players, including gamers from all over the world. Originally in English, French, and German, we now offer localisation in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Elder Scrolls Online has plenty of life left in it, but the number of regions left available to explore is fast dwindling as ZOS opens up more territories with each major update. In the most recently revealed expansion, it was shown that players will be heading to classic areas first explored in 2006’s Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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