Palworld Early Access Roadmap Reveals PvP, Raid Bosses

Palworld Monster With Chaingun

In a new post on Twitter, Pocket Pair has released a new roadmap for Early Access, featuring plans for bug fixes and upcoming content.

The devs finally plan to add Raid Bosses as End Game content, PvP, and even Pal Arena for Pal PvP gameplay. Naturally, there will also be “new islands, pals, bosses, and technologies”.

Palworld is available now on PC, Xbox, and Game Pass. However, an official FAQ recently mentioned that a PlayStation 5 version could arrive later on. The devs “will consider it during development”.

Palworld sold 1 million copies of the game in just 8 hours. And since launch, it has continued to shatter records well beyond expectations.

That may explain why Pocket Pair did not offer concrete release windows or dates for the roadmap’s upcoming content.

Pocket Pair explained that they are “currently experiencing many problems due to excessive access congestion, among other challenges”.

So, some of the highlights in today’s roadmap may not be feasible for some time. And features like PvP, or crossplay support between Steam and Xbox, can become quite elaborate.

For the time being, Palworld will hardly struggle to maintain buzz. Yesterday, Palworld crossed 1.8 million concurrent players on Steam.

These numbers surpass Counter-Strike 2’s all-time peak record. At this time, Palworld is only trailing behind PUBG, which at one point hosted 3 million concurrent players on Steam.

Adding Raid Bosses and Pal Arena continue to draw comparisons to Pokémon. Their similarities have caused serious arguments, and the devs even reported death threats.

There has also been some controversy over possible animal cruelty towards the Pals themselves. Insider Gaming checked in with PETA about the matter, and they issued an official statement.

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