PETA Issues Statement on Palworld Animal Cruelty

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Palworld continues to surpass every expectation and soar higher up the charts with each passing day. It has sold more than seven million copies since it was released less than a week ago, and it is so popular it has beaten the likes of Counter-Strike on Steam where peak concurrent player counts are concerned. However, it’s a title that’s not exempt from controversies and more than a few have surfaced since the game was brought to the market by Pocket Pair.

For instance, there’s a point of contention around the game’s ‘Pals’, which are more than reminiscent of Nintendo’s Pokémon characters. There are also claims that AI has been used to generate these Pals. There’s also the debate around ‘animal cruelty’ in Palworld, with users needing to capture, kill, and put to work a range of animalistic creatures.

I recently reached out to PETA to see how the organization feels about the claims of animal cruelty running rampant in Palworld.

They’re Aware

I thought it would be prudent to check in with PETA to see where the charity stands on the topic of animal cruelty and abuse in Palworld. From the moment I booted up Palworld, I found myself punching the living daylights out of sheep and cat-like creatures, trapping them in Palspheres, and putting them to work in my base, building up my early-game empire.

This is a game wherein you can equip cute animals with assault rifles and send them out to fight against other creatures. It has generated a buzz among activists who abhor animal cruelty, but what’s PETA’s opinion on the matter?

Here’s a statement I obtained from PETA’s VP of Programmes, Elisa Allen:

PETA has already heard from many Palworld fans who have no interest in eating ‘Pals’ and want a vegan guide created for the game. It’s ‘Veganuary’ after all, and gamers want to help animals by eating vegan in their game worlds and outside.

There were no comments offered in reference to setting up slave labor camps and forcing Pals to work under the pain of death, though.

What’s your standpoint?

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  1. Peta is dumb. Comparing this to Pokemon is like saying Gta is Rdr2. Leave our games along. It’s a separate game.

  2. Peta? Please eat tasty animals!? I’m confused!? Seriously now, it’s a Game! Nor real animals, Peta kills real animals daily! Rescued animals.. hypocrites much?

  3. peta is not a reliable company when it comes to animal crualty. peta animal shelters have the highest kill rate for any shelters. peta is more about making money than protecting animals.

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