Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass Wave 2 Release Date Announced

Splatoon 3 Side Order Trailer

Nintendo has revealed a new trailer for Side Order, Wave 2 of Splatoon 3’s Expansion Pass, announcing it will release on February 22nd.

Unfortunately, today’s trailer is purely cinematic and does not feature any gameplay. But Nintendo’s official site breaks down the premise and upcoming content.

In Wave 2, players are Agent 8, who must climb the Spire of Order after Inkopolis Square loses all color and the residents have gone missing. And you’ll have the help of a drone who claims to be Pearl.

The new gameplay is “designed to be replayed over and over”, implying there may be some roguelite or roguelike elements.

The Expansion Pass was first announced in February 2023, and rolled out Wave 1 in spring. So, fans have waited a long time for news about the next wave.

Until Side Order launches next month, players might also try out Foamstars. The colorful party shooter was revealed in May 2023 and will release soon on February 6th.

It’s a little surprising that Nintendo casually dished out a major Side Order news on Twitter. Nintendo could have reserved it for a direct.

After all, Splatoon 3’s Wave 2 release date will arrive later in February.

Fans are quickly speculating about what this could mean for Nintendo’s next direct. There could very well be a focus on the Nintendo Switch 2, which would take priority.

There have been countless rumors about the potential release date for Nintendo Switch 2.

Multiple companies appeared to accidentally reveal their release dates for games and tech will coincide with the Switch 2 launch.

Some of these rumors suggest the Nintendo Switch 2 could launch sometime around September 2024. This could hint that Nintendo will announce something around March.

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