Nintendo Switch 2 Possibly Releasing in September 2024

Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2023

The Nintendo Switch 2 console may be releasing sometime in September this year, as suggested in a new press release from GameShark upgrade Ai Shark.

Naturally, there have been countless rumors floating around the potential Nintendo Switch 2 release date. Nintendo has not officially confirmed anything.

Update: Reporter Jason Schreier just tweeted that an Ai Shark spokesperson responded to them and explained they were “just guessing”. But this could simply be damage control.

Ai Shark’s full press release mentions that their new software’s “official launch is planned to coincide with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024”.

The statement was part of a press release advertising their “AI-enhanced technology”, which will bring “enhanced gameplay for beginner-level users”.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Direct

Fans quickly agreed that a September 2024 release would line up with a March announcement. Although, it would certainly be a narrowly feasible release, and perhaps a bit sooner than expected.

Nintendo’s announcement and Direct schedules have fairly consistent premiere windows. So, something official may come up in the next Direct. For now, these are all rumors.

But other companies may also continue to unofficially slip that their product release windows tie into the Switch 2 release.

There are also recent rumors that the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 will not be so revolutionary, after all.

Instead, it could simply be a Switch Pro model that isn’t nearly as technologically ambitious.

If that turns out to be true, a Switch Pro model would also support a potential September 2024 release. It wouldn’t require or demand nearly as much time to build up.

In the meantime, Nintendo fans are also concerned about classic IP possibly getting licensed out to other developers.

It’s possible that Nintendo could be more confident with licensing their IP if they’re releasing a powerful and attractive new Switch 2 model this year.

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