Foamstars is Revealed, and It’s Basically Splatoon on PlayStation


Last night, during the PlayStation Showcase, Square Enix revealed Foamstars, an all-new ‘party shooter’ that is basically Splatoon without the name ‘Splatoon’. In the two-minute trailer, we’re treated to some of the most entertaining, colourful visuals to appear during the showcase, watching quirky characters attack each other and the surrounding area with… Foam.

If you’ve never seen Splatoon before, then watch the trailer for Foamstars, and imagine that the foam has been replaced by ink – then you’re there. It’s a title that will see players ‘engage in energetic foam battles that anyone can pick up and play,’ and nobody knows when it’ll be released.

Foamstars Competes Against… Splatoon?

It’s not like anything has ever rivalled Splatoon when it comes to the ‘cover things in stuff to win’ subgenre of shooters, but Foamstars is about to try.

Here’s the announcement trailer, so you can see what we mean:

Coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Foamstars will be a relatively unique 4v4 shooter that allows players to adapt the map as they play, with their foam quite literally changing the face of the environment as they go.

In a breakdown of the upcoming title, Kosuke Okatani, producer at Square Enix, said:

A key feature of this title is that the uses of foam are creative and versatile. For instance, players can build up foam fortresses and shoot enemies from the top, surf on suds to traverse the battlefield, or even use foam to defend from enemy attacks.

So, it’s not exactly like Splatoon – it’s much more diverse and dynamic.

Development of Foamstars is ongoing as we speak.

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