No Man’s Sky Possibly Getting Four More Updates

According to a cryptic new post on Twitter from Hello Games founder Sean Murray, No Man’s Sky might be looking at four new updates before winding down.

Murray posted a comprehensive list of No Man’s Sky’s existing updates today, from Foundation to Echoes.

However, Murray also left three extra slots open before an Omega symbol appears to end the list. It’s unclear if these empty spaces refer to small or major updates. But this is all speculation, and Hello Games has not confirmed anything.

Murray previously teased a large “Omega” update after tweeting the symbol alone a few days ago. Patch notes have already begun to surface for it online.

But Murray’s new post suggests there could potentially be other plans in store. And the Omega symbol can also point to a general ending.

No Man’s Sky was a bit troubled and divisive when it first launched several years ago. But over time, the game evolved into a historic comeback story.

The devs rolled out regular updates that added an unexpected volume of content. Many fans praised the additions, which added many new mechanics, tools, and more.

It has been a remarkable ride for longtime fans. But Hello Games announced Light No Fire as their next major project at The Game Awards 2023. In fact, some considered Light No Fire to be the most anticipated game announced at the event.

If No Man’s Sky still has multiple updates remaining, fans might have a better idea of when Light No Fire is coming. Some speculate the launch could be much earlier than expected.

In a second tweet, Murray later added that “I expect 2024 to be even busier”. This hints that Hello Games could possibly plan to release No Man’s Sky’s remaining updates this year.

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