Hello Games Reveals Light No Fire at The Game Awards

light no fire

Hello Games, the creator of No Man’s Sky, has revealed its new game at The Game Awards – Light No Fire. In 2016, No Man’s Sky was released to a paltry reception but managed to turn things around to become one of the biggest ‘rags-to-riches’ tales in the history of gaming. It has been one of the most incredible, ambitious space-faring games to release in years, and for some, it’s even better than the likes of Starfield.

Procedural Earth

In Hello Games’ Light No Fire, a procedural, enormous representation of Earth has been created. It’s a next-generation multiplayer title that features one of the largest open worlds we’ve ever seen – a seamless, complete planet with staggering biomes, rich fauna and flora, and sumptuous, stunning visuals.

Here’s the trailer for Light No Fire:

In the showcase, we saw a world that’s stunning in scale, and even in the earliest build, it looks phenomenal in its scope. If No Man’s Sky’s success is anything to go by, Light No Fire should be an impressive title.

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