Twitch Reports Huge Numbers in January as Growth Continues


In a recent report published by StreamElements and, monumental numbers were outlined that showcased just how well Twitch performed as a streaming platform in January 2024. In total, a staggering 1.9 billion watch hours were recorded in January, which marks a record high since at least the COVID-19 pandemic (when everyone was forced indoors).

Daily watch hours have also been on an upward trend since September 2023, going from 54.7 million to 61.4 million in the space of four months.

Twitch on Top

It was noted that some sizeable esports events and the launch of some prolific games like Palworld lent themselves to Twitch’s success through January. There were some standout titles – like Escape from Tarkov – that soaked up viewing hours thanks to exclusive giveaway campaigns on the platform.

StreamElements referenced that Escape from Tarkov had a viewership growth month-on-month of more than 180%.

The co-founder of StreamElements, Or Perry, said:

It’s promising to see Twitch achieving a new peak with five consecutive months of growth in daily hours watched. However, it is too soon to know if the broader gaming audience is finally embracing the platform, as January always attracts more viewers than December. With more creators embracing multi-streaming, such as Pokimane going platform-agnostic, it is only a matter of time before the positive impact of pulling in more viewers from different apps is felt on Twitch.

As always, is nipping at the heels of Twitch, bringing up the rear and trying desperately to carve out a piece of the content creation kingdom. Team Green also saw substantial growth to kick off 2024, with the platform leaning into esports for the first time in a bid to attract even more new viewers.

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  1. False flag Twitch is dying they’re not making money. Amazon will just shut it down and if Kick continues as it is it just goes under or goes the FTX route.

  2. Not really this is glorifying the obvious they’re losing their top streamers due to no contracts and overly political californians scare normies away and creators. They also kept certain names banned.

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