Exodus Reveals New Companion With Mech Armor, Elise Charroux

Exodus Elise Mech Suit

In a new blog post, Archetype Entertainment revealed Elise today, another companion coming to the studio’s anticipated sci-fi RPG Exodus.

Today’s post describes Elise as a sarcastic and “well-trained soldier”. Most notably, Elise comes with a “customized mech suit”.

It has dual mini-guns and shoulder mounted grenade launchers, playing a tank role and soaking damage. The ultimate ability will be “a micro-missile barrage”, presumably for crowd control.

The post also expands on Exodus’ lore, explaining that Elise is one of many “Sleepers” who awaken after a long cryosleep.

Exodus Elise Companion Running

The developers first revealed Exodus at The Game Awards 2023. It will be a AAA game, featuring actor Matthew McConaughey. In a surprising tie-in to Interstellar, the gameplay will heavily involve time dilation.

Archetype Entertainment has not confirmed many gameplay details. So, the mech suit may surprise some fans, since such tools can seem a bit larger than life.

However, today’s new post takes care to distinguish Elise from previously established characters. Elise’s character is clearly a far cry from the Tom Vargas companion.

Though they both have tragic backstories, Elise is athletic and full of firepower. She is also a “former gang member”, so there could also be a potential redemption arc.

These ongoing lore drops for companions reinforce that Exodus could still be fairly character-driven. Also, mechs are still a fan favorite among sci-fi games.

Classics like Halo eventually introduced the Mantis, and Titanfall is still an iconic series that many fans hope will return. Armored Core 6 also launched last year to critical acclaim.

Following the big Elise reveal, fans now have a better idea of when to expect the next companion announcement for Exodus.

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