Exodus Announced at The Game Awards

It is time to celebrate the world of video games with The Game Awards, the most important event of the year as many games are recognized for their quality including Baldur’s Gate 3, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Fortnite, and Alan Wake 2. The Game Awards also serves as a platform to showcase dozens of upcoming games that we can expect to see in 2024 and beyond.

During The Game Awards, a brand new game called Exodus was revealed, a new AAA Sci-Fi action-adventure RPG from Archetype Entertainment. Gamers will likely be unfamiliar with the studio as it is a new studio owned by Wizard of the Coast and headed by former BioWare member, Chad Robertson, as well as Studio Head, James Ohlen who has worked on games such as the Baldur’s Gate series. Exodus will be the first title developed by the studio after Archetype Entertainment was founded in 2019.

No release date for Exodus was given but it will be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. It was noted in the trailer that the footage captured was pre-alpha gameplay so it will likely be a while before the game is released.

Check out the trailer for Exodus below.

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