Light No Fire Is The Most Anticipated Game From The Game Awards

light no fire trailer

During The Game Awards on December 7, Hello Games’ Sean Murray took to the stage to reveal Light No Fire, an all-new, ambitious title from the developer that released No Man’s Sky back in 2016. It was stressed that this title will push the boundaries of games like never before, introducing a procedural, complete Earth for players to explore to their heart’s content.

Since The Game Awards took place, Light No Fire’s reveal has become the most-watched trailer from the line-up that was shown. It has beaten out God of War’s Valhalla DLC, the new Monster Hunter game, and Marvel’s Blade, which is being created by Arkane Lyon, the developer behind Dishonored.

At the time of writing, the trailer has just north of 10 million views.

Light No Fire Erupts

Light No Fire’s trailer offered up a stunning visual display, revealing the scope of the title from the developer that brought us a near-endless universe of opportunities in No Man’s Sky. It was the butt of jokes, though – in 2016, Hello Games famously released the incredibly broken No Man’s Sky to a paltry reception and then promptly disappeared for a year after everyone realised the firm had over-promised the game to unparalleled proportions.

However, No Man’s Sky underwent one of the greatest rags-to-riches stories in gaming history and is now a solid game that is appreciated by millions of players the world over.

Here’s the trailer for Light No Fire, so you can see what has everyone so excited:

Hopefully, Sean Murray isn’t setting himself up for failure with Light No Fire. Given how much respect he has gained during the recovery of No Man’s Sky, I seriously doubt he’d put himself in a position where 2016 could play out again with an all-new game.

I for one am looking forward to Light No Fire.

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  1. Hype me Sean…. Hype me!!! On a serious note, everything they showed in the trailer is stuff that is already possible in No Man’s sky, it’s also clearly the same engine(maybe an upgraded engine). So as far as what we’ve been shown it’s safe to bet we’ll get all of that at launch.

    My guess on multi-player is that HG will host a simple server that will monitor players location and load players in together locally that are in a certain region. No way they could have several thousands of players loaded in at one time, if they found a way though I’d be very impressed.

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