Why Can’t Snakeshots Stop Ruining Warzone?

akimbo snakeshots

It happened again – Akimbo Snakeshot revolvers washed over Warzone as an all-new and irritating meta-wiping trend. This is far from being the first time that ‘Snakeshots’ have spoiled everyone’s fun in Call of Duty’s popular battle royale game, but why does it keep happening over and over again?

Last night, Raven Software removed the Snakeshot version of the Tyr – Modern Warfare 3’s uber-power revolver – thus stopping the brutal trend in its tracks, but why should it have gotten that bad in the first place?

Literally Implausible

In some of the clips that surfaced over the last few days, we saw people performing improbable acts with Akimbo Tyrs loaded up with Snakeshot shells. There were instances of solo players decimating entire teams with nothing more than two revolvers – tap, tap, tap, game over, thanks for playing.

It drove people mad, and it’s not the first time, either. Every time Snakeshot rounds have been introduced to Warzone, they’ve been an issue. They last a few days, and then the developers nerf them or patch them out entirely, which is what Raven Software did during last night’s ’emergency update’.

It’s mind-boggling that they’re so overpowered in the first place. Just look at this clip:

By way of a response, many players stressed that they won’t be playing Warzone until Raven Software addresses this huge issue. Which, to the developer’s credit – it did. It’s expected that Snakeshot ammo will be reintroduced once a little balancing has been applied, but what’ll be the next ludicrously overpowered attachment?

Only time will tell.

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