MultiVersus Release Date Announced For May 28th

In a new Twitter post, the official MultiVersus account finally announced its big return with a release date set for May 28th.

Fans of the fighting platformer have waited for a new release date since the game shut down last year. The Open Beta closed on June 25th, both pausing updates and even taking the game offline to do things “the right way”.

The new release date addresses many of the features that the devs mentioned before, including an updated netcode. The developers say that they “rebuilt the game from the ground up” to achieve this improvement.

MultiVersus will continue to be free to play. The devs will also expand the roster, the selection of stages, and even move the game to Unreal Engine 5.

MultiVersus got a fairly strong reception from critics and players alike, carving out its own personality in the genre. The characters often feel like a natural adaptation, and the pacing of the combat is different from its peers.

The devs also promise “new attacks and combat mechanics for each character”. This means that if players got attached to certain fighters, they might brace for some major reworks. Ideally, the new combat will improve the fighters.

Unfortunately, Player First Games did not confirm exactly which characters will be added. Last January, some McDonald’s MultiVersus promotions did surface online. This hinted at some of the new and returning characters fans might expect.

Now that MultiVersus finally has a new release date, hopefully Player First Games will release some character trailers soon.

The devs did announce a new PVE mode, offering a surprising alternative to traditional competitive combat in the genre. It will also come with “unique rewards”.

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  1. WB needs to close NRS down after this a small team was able to have a massive online title and upgrade to Unreal 5 in a shorter amount of time but NRS is still struggling and spending more.

    1. MK1 was a flop and with this coming back around the same time as DLC it will hurt more. NRS doesn’t get the franchise or any franchise MK ended with Armageddon.

    2. Facts! Watch unlike MK this game will perform better and they don’t need to overpay for likenesses, Hollywood actors, or guest characters. It’s embarrassing this game was cooking for months and they did all of this but it took NRS 7 years to switch to UE4 while other games are in UE5 then Tekken 8 came in and made it worse by doing what they couldn’t and was a 3D fighter. They took way too long and implementing a live service method in a $70 game was a bad idea not to mention the generation just started, they came out close to annual sports games, and SpiderMan 2 all which were against this whack game and it’s garbage story.

    3. They should shut down the single player studios and transition studios to live service and mmo tt games did it well and avalanche did well with disney years ago so keep them and buy the multiversus studio just go from there it would be cool if they license to others to make big triple a titles

  2. There’s a ton of characters they need to add to this game from Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera, Looney Tunes, DC, Adult Swim, Toonami, Miguzi, KidsWB, just a ton. I want them all in this game and all the stages. If WB wants to get back into live-service they should bring Fusion Fall back and Lego Universe those games were great!

    1. They should I’m surprised they don’t that’s what they should revive Fusion Fall, Lego Universe could be cool if they get the license, and Hogwarts Legacy as a online MMO with long term content releases for story throughout every year would be so lit. The Cartoon Network website flash games should all be brought back too and run it as a free ad supported live service collection. Multiversus will be great though if they do all of this and maintain Multiversus they’ll be in a better place instead of making outdated AAA titles. Bringing DC Universe Online could be cool too but upgrade it with better customization and more locations.

  3. Leave nrs alone! That’s 30 worth of experience just with mk and look at the other fighting games they’ve inspired. Besides no rep from WB has admitted if they had a hand in the game being released the way it was. They should have added invasion mode to Mk 11 ultimate, swapped out the consumables for the talismans and relics, kept ai fighters and merged them kameo fighters so all 4 fought at the same time. Lastly switching the roster to the current one but more mixed with fighters people haven’t been able to play since Armageddon. They’re allowed a mistake or two. Sheesh!

    1. They avoid talking about it like they do the DC movies which means it flopped the game has no traffic and those close to the game have heard the same. Injustice sucks, Mortal Kombat after X sucks, and they can’t even make a game on UE5 after 5 years meanwhile Tekken 8 has that and not as many problems. Netherrealm has a ton of wrong doing behind the scenes as well such as mistreatment of workers, bullying, crunch, and just a toxic environment mix that in with them wanting higher pay and Zaslav looking to cut costs they’re next on the chopping block probably Rocksteady too.

    2. Most of the nrs staff are new a lot of the mk 9 and 10 staff moved on the studio is garbage not to mention boon didn’t create the bulk of mk it was john tobias he’s ideas were better ed just wants to turn everything into his weird movie fantasy he has no creative bone in his body i would rather ms give john another shot at making tf with more time to cook and build a studio

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