PUBG: Battlegrounds 2024 Roadmap Reveals Unreal Plans And More

In a new blog post, the developers behind PUBG: Battlegrounds revealed a 2024 roadmap with ambitious plans for “overhauling and enhancing PUBG”.

This includes all-new World Updates, a rework for matchmaking and the anti-cheat system, Bot refinement, major ranked changes, and more. A testing environment will also be added directly into the live servers.

Surprisingly, the blog also announced that PUBG: Battlegrounds will move into Unreal Engine 5. The devs add that “we’re simultaneously laying the groundwork for a User Generated Content (UGC) service”.

A major goal of the 2024 roadmap is “enriching the LAND-LOOT-SURVIVE sequence”. All of the key details were also featured in a VOD update.

Today’s roadmap announcement celebrates the 7th anniversary of PUBG: Battlegrounds. The game first released in 2017, but it still has solid ratings and a big influence on the eSports scene.

In fact, it still holds a record for most concurrent players on Steam, crossing 3 million players. Even Palworld, at the height of its trend, only managed to cross 2 million concurrent players.

In January, developer Krafton also announced plans to franchise PUBG. Krafton stated that it is already “expanding the product lineup based on Battleground IP”. The devs expect to expand development business “through internal and external studios and outsourcing”.

Today’s announcements are a major shakeup for PUBG: Battlegrounds. Although some longtime players might be irked by some of these changes, it does prove that PUBG is still willing to take risks and evolve.

It was smart to involve the players with a UGC feature, creating a stronger sense of community and endless possibilities. Krafton says that it will “empower our players with the tools to craft and engage with their own content”.

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