Battlefield Franchise has Lost Yet Another Creative Director

The Battlefield franchise has lost yet another Creative Director following Marcus Lehto’s departure last month.

Craig Morrison joined the Battlefield Franchise as Creative Director in August 2021, becoming the Studio Creative Director in December 2022 in replacement of ‘Mr Battlefield’ Lars Gustavsson. However, Morrison’s LinkedIn has revealed that Morrison left the franchise in February 2024 to join Blue Scarab Entertainment.

The move marks the second time a Creative Director has left the franchise in 2024 alone, which is typically something you would see happen at the end of the project.

Marcus Lehto, the Creative Director of Ridgelline Games left the franchise last month, too. Soon after, EA announced that it would be letting go of 670 employees, which also included the closure of Ridgeline Games.

On Lehto’s departure, Laura Miele, president of EA Entertainment said, “Marcus Lehto recently made a personal decision to leave the project. To ensure our work continues uninterrupted, we immediately appointed leadership at Criterion to oversee our single-player work.

“As part of this change, we’ll be winding down Ridgeline as a standalone studio in Seattle, with some team members joining Ripple Effect. They’ll continue to work with teams across DICE, Ripple, and Criterion as they build the next Battlefield experience.”

EA is yet to comment on Craig Morrison’s departure, but has been contacted for comment.

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  1. This is absolutely crazy how a franchise this good obviously with it’s ups and downs has got to this stage, I’ve been playing since BFBC2 and ngl it doesn’t look for the future, this is my own opinion by the way ?

  2. Good LAWD they’re getting absolutely gutted over there. DICE already was basically a new studio before the mega-layoff with Ridgeline, and now two of the higher-ups are gone in rapid fire.

    This doesn’t bode well for the future of Battlefield. It feels like this next project is going to be another Anthem. Directionless, leaderless, chasing trends like ‘Battle Royale’. I already didn’t expect anything good, now I expect complete failure.

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