Fallout’s New ‘Magic’ Cards Are a Must-Have For Any Fan

On March 8, Magic: The Gathering’s ‘Universes Beyond’ series was officially expanded to include Fallout, one of the most iconic post-apocalyptic franchises ever made. Recently, the starter decks and booster packs became available to purchase on Amazon, making the cards super accessible for any Fallout fan – whether or not you’re at all interested in Magic: The Gathering.

Being a lifelong fan of the franchise, I swooped in and secured the set that stood out to me the most – a Commander Deck called ‘Scrappy Survivors’, headed by the adorable and legendary canine character, Dogmeat.

Are Fallout’s Magic: The Gathering Cards Worth Buying?

I spent £50 on my first Fallout Commander Deck, which is around $65, and I consider it a fine investment. In each Commander Deck, there are two foil creature cards, either of which are designed to take up the ‘commander’ slot in the deck. There are ninety-eight regular cards, with up to forty-one of those cards (if you pick the Mutant Menace Commander Deck) being new to the Magic universe.

There’s also a foil-etched display commander, which is a ‘special’ thick version of your commander card, as well as ten double-sided tokens, a booster sample pack, a deck box, a life wheel, one ‘strategy insert’, and a reference card. It’s everything you need to get started. From Lands to Auras and from Creatures to Enchantments, there are plenty of cards to get to grips with.

As I flicked through the Scrappy Survivors pack, I was enamoured of the art on display. The cards are authentic to the Fallout universe and as such, they represent the brands, characters, and locations that I’ve known and loved for years. There are even some nifty inside jokes hidden throughout the deck. Outside of the Scrappy Survivors, the other Commander Decks are:

  • Science!
  • Mutant Menace
  • Hail, Caesar

If you’re a Magic fan and you want a different kind of game to play in an all-new universe, then there’s no doubt that the Fallout sets are a solid purchase. If you’re a Fallout collector, then it’s a no-brainer – these cards are awesome to look at and they might offer an introduction to a new way to explore the series you adore.

It’s enough to just buy one Commander Deck, which you can supplement over time with booster packs – which are available, as previously mentioned, on Amazon. Magic: The Gathering also has a newly revealed Assassin’s Creed set on the way if that’s something you’d fancy.

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