Stellar Blade Leak: 40 Minutes of Gameplay Uploaded

stellar blade leak

On YouTube, a video revealing the first forty minutes of Stellar Blade has been uploaded. It was tagged ‘demo’ and is indicative of it being related to the trial product that was ‘accidentally’ published to the PlayStation store just hours ago. In the forty-minute-long video, we see the opening sequences of the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic title, including the origins of the story and the emergence of ‘Eve’, the game’s protagonist.

A Revealing Upload

The forty-minute video showcases as much as you could need to know about Stellar Blade, including the opening cutscenes and the tutorial stages of the game. It shows Eve, an almost ‘newborn’ protagonist, making her way onto a planet ravaged by war. She joins a close compatriot in a battle to survive before things turn awry and emotional, leaving Eve to start exploring a post-apocalyptic world (Zion) that’s crumbling around her.

The video showcases the game’s fluid combat mechanics, intense boss fights, top-notch voice acting, and punchy, fast-paced soundtrack. Various features are revealed in-depth, such as ‘camps’, skill settings and upgrade paths, outfits, verticality, and the game’s highly acrobatic combat style.

From the moment the game opens up, players are exposed to everything Stellar Blade has to offer, including the much-talked-about character model of Eve, which is based on a real-world South Korean model. As she emerges at the start of the game, she’s almost nude – which sets the tone very early on.

Ultimately, Stellar Blade – at first blush – looks like a high-octane, challenging title with sumptuous visuals and an authentically post-apocalyptic world. There’s much more to learn from the demo and there are expectations that it’ll be made available very soon following its accidental upload to the PlayStation Store.

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