EXCLUSIVE – Details on Project Over – The Next Mainline Ghost Recon Game

Not much is currently known about the next mainline Ghost Recon game apart from it being in development under the Project name Ovr / Over. Previously, Insider Gaming reported that the game would be set during the fictional ‘Naiman War’.

Speaking with sources under the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk about the game yet, Insider Gaming has the scoop on more details on what the new game entails.

Currently, the next Ghost Recon title is aimed to be released in 2025 – 2026 which will see the Ghost Recon franchise head back into a first-person perspective. The game is poised to be a squad-based military tactical shooter – almost milsim-like in nature – that will also take inspiration from some of the leading first-person military games including the Modern Warfare series, Battlefield, Squad, and Ready or Not.

Project Over is set during the Naiman War which is located in a hostile southeast country that has seen hundreds of thousands of people die as a result of war crimes. It’s understood that the plot of the game evolves around the ‘Ghosts’ – your team – infiltrating the warzone to carry out secret missions and to locate a traitor.

The game appears to take heavy inspiration from the Modern Warfare series, with some potential dark or controversial missions and segments. One mission for example shows your squad nearly shooting a man holding a baby – because they thought the baby was a bomb – but they realise this at the last second.

Graphically, the footage provided to Insider Gaming under the condition that the footage isn’t shared or goes public shows a significant graphical improvement over its predecessors and is best compared to something akin to Ready or Not.

You can watch a video of this article here:

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  1. Please do not take away the third person view like wildlands and breakpoint!! Leave that feature. You can add a first person feature as well but don’t eliminate the third person. Keep that the same as breakpoint

  2. Finaly they decided to get back to original ghost recon games and publish a new game in a FPS persoective. I am glad because of that. The best Ghost recon game is Advanced Warfighter 2 pc version.

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