Alone in the Dark Trophy List – All 38 Trophies (Spoilers)

alone in the dark

Here are all 38 trophies in Alone in the Dark – Warning, spoilers ahead. There are 21 bronze, 12 silver, 4 gold, and 1 platinum trophies in Alone in the Dark.

Bronze Trophies

The Thin Veneer of Civilization – Break through a barrier
Whatever It Takes – Kill a monster with an opportunity
Come At Me! – Kill a monster with a melee weapon
Now You’re On the Trolley! – Kill a monster with a ranged weapon
On the Mend – Put a talisman socket back together
An Honest Day’s Work – Play for more than 8 hours
Welcome to Derceto – Break into Derceto
In Between There Are Doors – Find your own talisman
Left Holding the Bag – Find Jeremy’s bag
Somewhere Else Entirely – Find the Convent pf Taroella
Losing My Mind – Walk into the desert
Where I Belong – Return to Derceto
When Therapy Makes It Worse – Break through the barriers of self-deceit
The Past as a Present – Get what you want
Frenzy – Enter hell
Don’t Mind If I Do – Finish a Lagniappe set
Watch Out Where You’re Waving That Thing – Aim your gun at a human being
Bonfire Night – Kill an enemy with fire
Hard Boiled – Kill an enemy with shotgun
Gangster – Kill an enemy with Tommy gun
You Can’t Keep Me Out! – Open all of the safes and locks in the game

Silver Trophies

I Don’t Got All Night – Finish the game in 3 hours or less
Found & Lost – Talk to Jeremy in the chapel
Drop Me Off In New Orleans – Escape the Dark Man
I Abandoned Him – Own up to your awful past
I Stole the Child and Let Him Down – Own up to your awful past
Back to Normal – Break the Pact with the Dark Man
What Just Happened? – Give Grace a present
Nobody Knows What Happened – Consider ending it all
Radical Acceptance – Submit to the Dark Man
One of the Thousand Young – Join a cult
Librarian – Read all the clues
Chatterbox – Talk to everybody about everything

Gold Trophies

Look At All the Free Stuff I Got! – Find all the lagniappes
Case Closed – Save New Orleans from the Black Goat
Safe and Sound – Save New Orleans from the Black Goat (potential duplicate error)
Teetotaller – Finish the game without drinking from your flask

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