Apple Reinstates Epic Games Developer Account

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According to an updated blog post, Apple has officially reinstated the Epic Games developer account that was previously shut down.

Apple terminated the Epic Games Sweden AB developer account earlier this week. This subsequently led EU regulators to pursue further answers. There were even prospects that Apple had violated other technology laws in the EU.

Just one day after these updates, Apple has reversed its decision. Epic Games announced that “Apple has told us and committed to the European Commission that they will reinstate our developer account”.

The studio also adds that “we are moving forward as planned to launch the Epic Games Store and bring Fortnite back to iOS in Europe”.

Fortnite Myths And Mortals

Epic Games announced last month that it intended to return to iOS in Europe sometime in 2024. Given the company’s updated statement, it seems that the account termination did not delay these plans.

Epic Games is the developer and publisher behind Fortnite, which has scrambled to get the latest update out today.

The major Myths and Mortals update, Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 2, planned to roll out hours ago. Epic Games ultimately announced plans to delay its release by at least 8 hours.

After a while, the Fortnite Status account finally explained that “we encountered an unexpected issue during our maintenance”.

Apple’s swift reversal signals that the European Commission and Digital Markets Act will likely be effective in other cases.

After all, Apple is a massive company that regularly limited such access for years. Only in January 2024 did Apple finally announce it would begin permitting game streaming services and apps.

It’s unclear if Apple will continue to comply or challenge the Digital Markets Act. However, today’s results will likely encourage future developers.

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