Fortnite Extends Myths & Mortals Downtime by ‘A Few Hours’

Fortnite Myths And Mortals

In a new Twitter post, the official Fortnite Status account confirmed that downtime for today’s Myths and Mortals update will now “be a few hours longer than usual”.

The post cites that “we’re still working through some updates during downtime”, remaining vague about the issues. Unfortunately, the devs will only “provide more information once our v29.00 downtime has ended”.

Some fans have already waited some time for today’s update. So, it’s entirely possible that the downtime could be extended again later today.

UPDATE – Fortnite confirmed in another tweet that the current downtime will take “at least 8 additional hours”.

Myths and Mortals is Fortnite’s Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 2 update, and it has a Greek Mythology theme.

This major update will introduce new weapons, powers, locations, and even flying mechanics. Notably, this includes both Olympus and the Underworld. Myths and Mortals It will even feature Rippley as Poseidon, an offbeat reference to meme culture.

Nonetheless, fans built a lot of hype around today’s new update. Flying around with the Wings of Icarus is a clever way to open up the world and shake up the meta.

The new Battle Pass is expected to run through May 24th at 11 AM pacific time. It’s unfortunate that the developers decided not to share actual answers until the downtime itself has passed.

Further communication would smooth things over with the community. It would likely invite more patience and understanding, turning the focus to a smooth launch. A functional update would be a better experience.

Meanwhile, Fortnite continues to expand with Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing. The latest Fortnite Festival Season Pass even features Lady Gaga with related themed content.

Disney recently invested $1.5 billion in Fortnite itself. The company is planning “a transformational new games and entertainment universe”.

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