EA’s CEO Says 60% Of Development Processes Could Be ‘Positively Impacted’ By AI

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Electronic Arts has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. From the shutdown of studios and teams to the cancellation of projects – and laying off almost hundreds of employees – EA has been bearing the brunt of bad press in recent weeks. Recently, the company’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, took to the stage at a tech conference to speak about the impact that generative AI is having on the games development ecosystem.

He stressed that ‘about 60%’ of all game development processes could be positively impacted by generative AI, and that through artificial intelligence, something that previously took six weeks to achieve could now take just six days.

Meaningful Efficiency

Andrew Wilson professed his love for AI on a grand stage in San Francisco, explaining how Electronic Arts is hopping on that bandwagon like never before:

We’re in the era of generative AI which is the most exciting yet by a fairly wide margin and something that we’re embracing deeply. We think about it in three core vectors: efficiency, expansion, and transformation.

He went on to talk about EA’s game development processes and how there’s a desire to use AI to make the company more efficient by 30%. It’s all about getting games to market faster while not compromising on quality:

And I would tell you, part of that is how do we get our people to embrace it and for creators of games, this is incredibly exciting: the ability to get to the fun faster and get to market faster is the Holy Grail for them. And so, we see a real embrace happening inside of our company around these things that can help them get to greatness much more quickly.

Using the recent release of EA Sports FC as an example, Wilson pointed out that FIFA 23, the last game in the series to feature that branding, boasted 12 ‘run cycles’ for player models – EA Sports FC 24, the most recent game, has 1,200 cycles that were achieved through gen AI.

In an ambitious statement, Wilson pointed out that EA’s network of 700 million people could be increased to over one billion players through the use of AI, boosting monetisation and personalised content. He spoke of a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for Electronic Arts where AI is concerned – because at the end of the day, it’s all about that sweet dollar.

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  1. It’s easier to outsource game development to overseas and use AI over making games in the west that’s just the fact and it would be more profitable which is what they need. Game developers in the west are not needed anymore look how much faster it takes China to make games with no glitches that look amazing meanwhile the western studios make garbage and take 10 years to make it at a higher cost. AI is going to help so much. For EA especially they mostly make annual sports titles it’s going to help them crank it out faster the more AI improves.

  2. Hopefully it helps make games faster, better, and finally bring back franchises like SSX, Def Jam, NBA Street, Dante’s Inferno, Jade Empire, Thrill Kill, Skate, Fight Night, and repair Mass Effect. I mean AI can replace models, devs, and voice actors meaning we could finally get games more frequently and at a better quality. The best part would be return of dormant franchises. I hope more do this like Capcom, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, and Square.

    1. With TV and movies too we could finally get sequels to films that seemed impossible and continuations of shows that were wrongfully cancelled with this or even what if’s like if Serenity didn’t kill off Shepherd and Wash.

    2. They should finally make Thrill Kill since MK is ass and seeing NBA Street return would be fire with 2K having its problems Def Jam too with all the new talent and fashion.

  3. Just like Hollywood the game developers and actors need to go on strike and finally unionize before they strike.

  4. This is what the industry needs to improve AI would make AAA games easier to make and more frequently releasing it would make AAAA games finally possible. Microsoft needs to be doing this for Game Pass to be a seller having like 10 new AAA games per month or week would be awesome. Streaming companies would be in a better place too not having to pay workers or actors with content coming out more frequent.

  5. Microsoft needs to buy EA if they are doing this successfully it’s what Game Pass needs.

    1. They really should the AI implementation would be a huge get for them even outside gaming it’s worth the money since it helps Microsoft as a whole.

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