Battlefield 2042’s Recoil Changes Are Splitting The Community

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Battlefield 2042’s Season 7 update is on the horizon, and one of the biggest changes coming to the platform is an overhaul to the recoil mechanics that have remained relatively unchanged since the game was released in 2021. In a series of clips on Twitter, DICE showcased before and after shots of various weapons and their remapped recoil patterns, revealing much more noticeable and ‘punchier’ recoil patterns that are designed to increase immersion.

However, the changes haven’t been taken positively by the full breadth of the Battlefield community. Some are claiming it’s ‘weird’ to introduce such a major change so late into the game’s lifecycle. Others are welcoming the change and are appreciative of DICE’s efforts to keep things fresh.

Battlefield Beta Testing?

On Twitter, some users jokingly referenced that DICE must be shadow-testing mechanics for Battlefield 2025 (Battlefield 6, whatever it’ll be called) by introducing something so new so late in the day. Soon, DICE will lift the lid fully on Battlefield 2042’s Season 7 update, but for now, it’s trickle-feeding information about changes through social media.

Here’s a thread containing all the recoil-based changes coming to Battlefield 2042:

And here are some of the responses that have surfaced on social media:

  • ‘Is this an early april fools joke? Or did they really sit down and say “you know what? Lets make the gunplay feel even worse”‘ – Hieb
  • ‘Please stop adding things that no one wants to fix that no one wants. Is this game a stress test or something?’ – LZqxD
  • ‘Was concerned about the possibility of cod like visual shake, but I’m glad that the sight clarity is mostly consistent with how it was before. That’s good to see.’ – TheBulletKin
  • ‘Literally no one asked for this especially this late in this games life cycle.’ – Eli
  • ‘I’m barely noticing it but I think it’s great that something new like this is coming with the season along with the new maps. Hopefully yall keep working hard’ – Tommy Baron

According to DICE, these changes will make it so that each weapon has a unique recoil report, allowing you to ‘feel the difference’ between what you’re using. There’s no release date for Season 7 at the moment, but it’s due to be announced any day now.

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  1. What an utter waste of time, there isn’t even any recoil to manage in Battlefield. It’s all spray and firerate.. foh.

  2. How about remove aim assist from console players. I stopped playing because console has a huge advantage over PC with it. Back to ww3 online and squad for me

  3. They ever going to fix where even though I shoot someone 12 times with sniper rifle and they can just plink me with a pistol from 300 meters away and I die.

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