Helldivers 2: Future Update Will Make ‘Hardest Enemies’ Much Easier


Arrowhead’s community management team has addressed player concerns regarding the ‘toughest enemies’ in the game, including the likes of the Hulks, Titans, and Chargers. Following a few weeks of players being slaughtered by these behemoth opponents, it has been confirmed that a future update will tweak their ‘difficulty levels’ effectively nerfing them and making them much easier to take down.

It’ll Get Better

On Discord, the news was shared that Arrowhead is ‘looking at changes to the spawn rates and health pools of heavy enemies’. There’s a desire to make them ‘easier to bring down’, filling terrorised players with a sense of relief regarding these enormously powerful enemies.

With lower spawn rates, the heavy enemies should appear much less frequently, and when they do, the health pool reduction will mean that they’re easier to slay. It was then reported that some other changes had already been made to help make the game more comfortable for the players struggling to contend with its difficulty levels.

For instance, the EAT-17 and Recoilless Rifle ‘no longer suffer from a 50% damage increase when hitting an enemy at a glancing angle’. That means that with the right weapons to hand, players can take down heavy enemies in one or two shots.

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