Sea of Thieves is the Most Preordered Game on PlayStation

PlayStation gamers the world over are preparing to welcome a title to their platform that was previously exclusive to Xbox and PC for six years. There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the arrival of Sea of Thieves, so much so that the game has rocketed to the top of the PlayStation preorder charts.

It was recently noticed that the pirate-themed title occupies the number one spot in the preorder charts in the United States, beating the likes of Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade, and Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Prepare to Set Sail

Sea of Thieves is one of the first Xbox-exclusive games making its way to PlayStation, joining the likes of Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, and Grounded. Since it was released in 2018, Sea of Thieves has built a far-reaching community, populated by millions of users. It’s a live service title, which means the developer, Rare, is constantly releasing updates that can – in some cases – change the face of the game, introducing new elements, quests, collectables, and more.

For some, there’s a concern that Microsoft is preparing to step back from hardware sales as it moves towards a ‘dilution’ of exclusive Xbox titles. It’s no big secret that PlayStation has been the top dog in the last two generations of home consoles, and with numbers dwindling, Microsoft may call it quits on making Xbox units and allow the brand to be a publisher of games in future – but that’s just conjecture.

It has already been confirmed that Sea of Thieves on PlayStation will be cross-platform, which means gamers on that side of the fence will be able to link up and sail the seas with their friends on PC and Xbox platforms.

Sea of Thieves will be released on PlayStation on April 30.

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