New McDonald’s Promotion for MultiVersus Reveals New Character Renders

New promotional material for an upcoming McDonald’s X Multiversus has revealed some new character renders for the game.

First spotted and posted by Twitter/X user @AusilMV, the new material shows off new renders for various characters including Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Garnet. You can see all of the new promotional images below:

Multiversus has its early access and open beta’s between July 2022 and June 2023 and received generally favorable reviews. Its open beta was somewhat controversial though, as many players believed that the game was already fully released, despite the announcement that it was a beta.

The confusion mainly arose from the fact that the beta did contain many features expected for a full launched game, which included microtransaction-related currencies and a season pass.

Players during the beta reached 10 million, but player counts dropped off sharply during the beta phase due to the lack of updates and new additions of characters – Despite it being in beta.

Player First Games, the developers behind MultiVersus is planning to release the game in early 2024.

Are you looking forward to MultiVersus? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Yes I’m very excited for multiverse to return. I think these are just low budget portraits for the toys.

  2. Hell yeah I’m looking forward to getting my hands on that mallet and chuckle has Harley tears y’all asses up. Hopefully all the perks are mostly the same way just up to date. All jokes aside……..lookout!!!!!!?????

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