Microsoft Possibly Considering Gears of War PlayStation Release

Gears 5 Kait Diaz Game Pass

According to new statements from Jeff Grubb in the latest Giant Bomb livestream, Microsoft could be thinking about bringing Gears of War to PlayStation.

Grubb stated that the move is “definitely under consideration”. This adds the classic Gears of War series to the growing list of Xbox exclusives possibly coming to other platforms.

Recent rumors suggest that both Indiana Jones and Starfield are also in talks for a PlayStation 5 release.

Naturally, the decision for Gears of War is hardly concrete. And Microsoft has not officially confirmed anything about it yet. In fact, they did not confirm anything reported over the last 24 hours.

gears of war 6

New claims surfaced online earlier today, suggesting Microsoft could be preparing for an extensive third-party push.

Xbox’s new marketing strategy is quickly dividing fans. Players are concerned about the system’s health, edge, and long-term value as exclusives release on other platforms.

Hopefully, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, will announce something official to discuss ongoing rumors. It would help clear up any confusion, even if it doesn’t necessarily put the fans’ minds at ease.

Gears of War remains an iconic third-person shooter IP. All of the flagship titles have strong ratings on Metacritic.

The most recent title, Gears 5, focuses on Kait Diaz and still has ‘Mostly Positive’ Steam ratings.

There is still a major audience for this series, and reports from last month claim that a Gears of War collection is already in testing.

This release would essentially resemble the Master Chief Collection for Halo. It would also be a handy way to introduce an entirely new audience of players to the series.

That includes potential PlayStation fans. But Gears of War is still an Xbox staple that helped shape its identity early on.

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