Gears of War Collection Being Tested Now, It’s Claimed

gears collection

For a while now, Gears of War fans have been on the edges of their seats waiting eagerly for news of the ‘Gears Collection’, a much-rumoured, reportedly in-development collection of classic Gears of War games recreated in Unreal Engine 5. Recently, during an episode of The Infinite Podcast, it was claimed that the Gears Collection is being internally tested by The Coalition, which has been creating Gears of War games since 2015’s Ultimate Edition of the first title.

‘Gears of War’s MCC’

It has been said online that the Gears Collection would be Gears of War’s Master Chief Collection, bringing together all the classic games and seeing them remastered – or potentially rebuilt. There isn’t much known about the collection, but it’s suspected that it will include the Ultimate Edition, Gears 2, 3, 4, and Judgment recreations.

This information was circulated on Twitter by user Idle Sloth following a captured clip from The Infinite Podcast, during an episode which also saw claims surface that 343 Industries has had a hand working on the Indiana Jones game.

It was further claimed that The Coalition continues to work on an all-new IP away from Gears of War. It’s not at all known when the highly rumoured Gears Collection might surface, but if it’s being tested now, it’s in a playable state – and if those playtests go well, it could be delivered within the next few months.

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  1. I think the Saber collection is happening but I think Coalition’s other project is cancelled. This gen will be only Gears 6. Hopefully Phil takes the offer Cliff made and hires him to reboot Gears.

  2. IF this collection ever happens, they’ll probably ruin it. All I want is the first 3 games on Unreal 5 with all content universal. All maps, modes, and characters interchangeable. Like being able to run Gears 2 campaign in Arcade mode with the mutators just like Gears 3. That’s the right way to do it. I have no faith in Coalition doing it right. I just hope they finally drop their obsession with ammo starvation/management for Gears 6.

    We had the option of infinite ammo, super bullets, and super melee on Gears 3. However, 4 and 5 went backwards in that regard. I want to blast grubs, not be constantly out of ammo in the middle of the wave. I know I’m not the only one. People constantly complained about wanting to turn off the scoreboard and choose which enemies spawned in Gears 4, but Gears 5 released just as limited with the only change being letting people move during the scoreboard display instead of being able to turn it off entirely like everyone asked.

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