Battlestate Banned 11,000 Tarkov Cheaters In Two Weeks

tarkov cheaters

Fans of the intense extraction shooter, Escape from Tarkov, are around two weeks into one of the best updates the game has had in years. Since the end of 2023, players have been exploring ‘patch 0.14’, which has brought with it, amongst other things, a new map, updated recoil mechanics, and a series of new quests and features.

However, it’s not all plain sailing in the world of Tarkov. As always, there’s a steady stream of cheaters making their way into the ecosystem, and developer Battlestate Games is hard at work combatting the relentless waves of malicious operators.

That’s A Lot of Cheaters

In a post on Twitter, Battlestate Games revealed that it had banned ‘more than 11,000’ cheaters in the space of two weeks, with the support of ‘BattlEye’, which is an anti-cheat system. Not only that but the Russian developer also published a Google Doc revealing the usernames of those hit by this impressive ban wave.

This mirrors an activity that Battlestate kicked off last year, acting transparently with these banned players and letting the community know exactly who they’d struck off the ever-growing list of deceptive, cheat-using gamers.

It’s a constant problem in Escape from Tarkov, though. There are new features that were added to Tarkov in the latest update that have made it easier to identify cheaters, but that comes too little, too late when you’re identifying them almost always after they’ve taken you out of the game with a well-placed, aimbot-backed shot to the dome.

It’s scary that 11,000 cheaters have been eradicated and that’s just the first wave.

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