Prison Architect 2 Reveal Could Be Dropping January 16

prison architect 2

Following a series of teasers and a few telling leaks and info drops, it’s highly expected that Paradox will reveal Prison Architect 2 on January 16. This news comes following a post on Twitter by the Prison Architect profile that recapped the last nine years of Prison Architect history and ended with a nod to ‘The Next Chapter’ being revealed on January 16. There’s now a YouTube Premiere listing acting as a holding page for what is believed to be the reveal of Prison Architect 2.

Time Served

Prison Architect was released globally in October 2015, quickly becoming a popular management sim title that would come to be updated with a regular cadence by its developer, which back then was Introversion Software. In 2019, Paradox acquired the license to Prison Architect and Double Eleven came on board to develop further updates.

Last year, it was suggested that a Prison Architect 2 reveal was imminent when the Korean ratings board listed a game of the same name – that was in November.

It’s believed that Prison Architect 2 will fully pivot from the 2D-based engine that it has used almost in full since 2015 to a 3D-backed one – a change that was alluded to in a trailer for the most recent update to Prison Architect:

Fans are now buzzing on social media, discussing potential changes and updates that could be made to warrant an entirely new game. There were jokes about battle royale modes and extraction shooter elements, but most users simply want refined AI, more depth in the micromanagement mechanics, and better modding support.

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